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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Analysing service quality in the hospitality industry using the SERVQUAL model
F Saleh, C Ryan
Service Industries Journal 11 (3), 324-345, 1991
New colorimetric method for the quantitative estimation of phospholipids without acid digestion
RK Raheja, C Kaur, A Singh, IS Bhatia
Journal of Lipid Research 14 (6), 695-697, 1973
Assessing public opinions of and interest in new vehicle technologies: An Austin perspective
P Bansal, KM Kockelman, A Singh
Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies 67, 1-14, 2016
Preparation, characterization and biodistribution of ultrafine chitosan nanoparticles
T Banerjee, S Mitra, AK Singh, RK Sharma, A Maitra
International journal of pharmaceutics 243 (1-2), 93-105, 2002
Relationship between intraoperative hypotension, defined by either reduction from baseline or absolute thresholds, and acute kidney and myocardial injury after noncardiac …
V Salmasi, K Maheshwari, D Yang, EJ Mascha, A Singh, DI Sessler, ...
Anesthesiology 126 (1), 47-65, 2017
Proniosome based transdermal delivery of levonorgestrel for effective contraception
B Vora, AJ Khopade, NK Jain
Journal of controlled release 54 (2), 149-165, 1998
Evaluation of wound healing activity of extracts of plantain banana (Musa sapientum var. paradisiaca) in rats
PK Agarwal, A Singh, K Gaurav, S Goel, HD Khanna, RK Goel
CSIR, 2009
Positive growth responses of the medicinal plants Spilanthes calva and Withania somnifera to inoculation by Piriformospora indica in a field trial
M Rai, D Acharya, A Singh, A Varma
Mycorrhiza 11 (3), 123-128, 2001
An empirical assessment of the SERVQUAL scale and the relationship between service quality and satisfaction
RA Spreng, AK Singh
Enhancing knowledge development in marketing 4 (1), 1-6, 1993
Job involvement, organizational commitment, professional commitment, and team commitment
A Singh, B Gupta
Benchmarking: An International Journal, 2015
Piriformospora indica: An Axenically Culturable Mycorrhiza-Like Endosymbiotic Fungus
A Varma, A Singh, NS Sahay, J Sharma, A Roy, M Kumari, D Rana, ...
Fungal Associations, 125-150, 2001
Understanding normal development of adolescent sexuality: A bumpy ride
SK Kar, A Choudhury, AP Singh
Journal of human reproductive sciences 8 (2), 70, 2015
Address generation and data path arbitration to and from SRAM to accommodate multiple transmitted packets
A Singh, R Roy, J Kuo
US Patent 5,818,844, 1998
Plant productivity determinants beyond minerals, water and light: Piriformospora indica–A revolutionary plant growth promoting fungus
A Singh, J Sharma, KH Rexer, A Varma
Current science, 1548-1554, 2000
Indices of morbidity and control of asthma in adult patients exposed to environmental tobacco smoke
SK Jindal, D Gupta, A Singh
Chest 106 (3), 746-749, 1994
Biopesticides: present status and the future prospects
S Kumar, A Singh
J Fertil Pestic 6 (2), 100-129, 2015
Labeling efficiency and biodistribution of Technetium-99m labeled nanoparticles: interference by colloidal tin oxide particles
T Banerjee, AK Singh, RK Sharma, AN Maitra
International journal of pharmaceutics 289 (1-2), 189-195, 2005
Aspergillus nidulans α-1, 3 glucanase (mutanase), mutA, is expressed during sexual development and mobilizes mutan
H Wei, M Scherer, A Singh, R Liese, R Fischer
Fungal Genetics and Biology 34 (3), 217-227, 2001
Preparation and characterization of nanostructured ZnO thin films for photoelectrochemical splitting of water
M Gupta, V Sharma, J Shrivastava, A Solanki, AP Singh, VR Satsangi, ...
Bulletin of Materials Science 32 (1), 23-30, 2009
An automated smartphone-based diagnostic assay for point-of-care semen analysis
MK Kanakasabapathy, M Sadasivam, A Singh, C Preston, ...
Science translational medicine 9 (382), 2017
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