Daniel Linzell
Daniel Linzell
Assoc. Dean, Grad and Int’l Pgms, College of Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Finite element analysis of steel beam to column connections subjected to blast loads
T Sabuwala, D Linzell, T Krauthammer
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Behavior of portable fiber reinforced concrete vehicle barriers subject to blasts from contact charges
AM Coughlin, ES Musselman, AJ Schokker, DG Linzell
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J Seo, DG Linzell
Engineering Structures 34, 21-32, 2012
Use of response surface metamodels to generate system level fragilities for existing curved steel bridges
J Seo, DG Linzell
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D Linzell, D Hall, D White
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XH He, XW Sheng, A Scanlon, DG Linzell, XD Yu
Engineering Structures 39, 38-49, 2012
Studies of a full-scale horizontally curved steel I-girder bridge system under self-weight.
DG Linzell
Examination of level of analysis accuracy for curved I-girder bridges through comparisons to field data
D Nevling, D Linzell, J Laman
Journal of Bridge Engineering 11 (2), 160-168, 2006
Cross-frame and lateral bracing influence on curved steel bridge free vibration response
H Maneetes, DG Linzell
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TW Choo, DG Linzell, JI Lee, JA Swanson
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D Linzell, RT Leon, AH Zureick
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MD Paul, JA Laman, DG Linzell
Pennsylvania State University, 2003
Live load radial moment distribution for horizontally curved bridges
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Journal of bridge engineering 11 (1), 99-108, 2006
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