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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A reliability-centered approach to an optimal maintenance strategy in transmission systems using a genetic algorithm
JH Heo, MK Kim, GP Park, YT Yoon, JK Park, SS Lee, DH Kim
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Available transmission capacity (ATC) and its value under open access
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Demand response method and system
Y YongTae
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Option valuation applied to implementing demand response via critical peak pricing
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A new battery energy storage charging/discharging scheme for wind power producers in real-time markets
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Dynamic programming formulation of micro-grid operation with heat and electricity constraints
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Determining the optimal reserve capacity in a microgrid with islanded operation
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Development of algorithm for day ahead PV generation forecasting using data mining method
MC Kang, JM Sohn, J Park, SK Lee, YT Yoon
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Designing a critical peak pricing scheme for the profit maximization objective considering price responsiveness of customers
SC Park, YG Jin, HY Song, YT Yoon
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A study on maximum wind power penetration limit in island power system considering high-voltage direct current interconnections
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Modified dynamic programming based unit commitment technique
JH Park, SK Kim, GP Park, YT Yoon, SS Lee
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Assessing reliability as the electric power industry restructures
MD Ilić, JR Arce, YT Yoon, EM Fumagalli
The Electricity Journal 14 (2), 55-67, 2001
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