Rafael Wiemker
Rafael Wiemker
Senior Scientist, Philips Research Hamburg
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Multiscale contrast enhancement for radiographies: Laplacian pyramid versus fast wavelet transform
S Dippel, M Stahl, R Wiemker, T Blaffert
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Extraction of airways from CT (EXACT'09)
P Lo, B Van Ginneken, JM Reinhardt, T Yavarna, PA De Jong, B Irving, ...
IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging 31 (11), 2093-2107, 2012
Aspects of computer-aided detection (CAD) and volumetry of pulmonary nodules using multislice CT
R Wiemker, P Rogalla, T Blaffert, D Sifri, O Hay, E Shah, R Truyen, ...
The British journal of radiology 78 (suppl_1), S46-S56, 2005
Tomographic separation of composite spectra. 2: The components of 29 UW Canis Majoris
WG Bagnuolo Jr, DR Gies, ME Hahula, R Wiemker, MS Wiggs
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Fast detection of meaningful isosurfaces for volume data visualization
V Pekar, R Wiemker, D Hempel
Proceedings Visualization, 2001. VIS'01., 223-230, 2001
Automatic extraction of the pulmonary artery tree from multi-slice CT data
T Bülow, R Wiemker, T Blaffert, C Lorenz, S Renisch
Medical Imaging 2005: Physiology, Function, and Structure from Medical …, 2005
Computer-aided lung nodule detection on high-resolution CT data
R Wiemker, P Rogalla, A Zwartkruis, T Blaffert
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Performance analysis for computer-aided lung nodule detection on LIDC data
R Opfer, R Wiemker
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Unsupervised extraction of the pulmonary interlobar fissures from high resolution thoracic CT data
R Wiemker, T Bülow, T Blaffert
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Secure wireless sales transaction using print information to verify a purchaser's identity
W Scott
US Patent App. 10/219,767, 2003
Unsupervised robust change detection on multispectral imagery using spectral and spatial features
R Wiemker, A Speck, D Kulbach, H Spitzer, J Bienlein
Proceedings of the Third International Airborne Remote Sensing Conference …, 1997
Optimal thresholding for 3D segmentation of pulmonary nodules in high resolution CT
R Wiemker, A Zwartkruis
International Congress Series 1230, 653-658, 2001
Analysis of Pulmonary Nodules from Ct Scans Using the Contrast Agent Enhancement as a Function of Distance to the Boundary of the Nodule
R Wiemker, D Wormanns, T Blaffert, T Buelow
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Electro-kinetic air transporter-conditioner devices with interstitial electrode
C Taylor, S Lau
US Patent App. 10/074,207, 2002
An iterative spectral-spatial Bayesian labeling approach for unsupervised robust change detection on remotely sensed multispectral imagery
R Wiemker
International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns, 263-270, 1997
Perfusion imaging
K Meetz, I Carlsen, H Schulz, R Wiemker, S Young
US Patent App. 12/920,483, 2011
Comparison of different follow-up lung registration methods with and without segmentation
T Blaffert, R Wiemker
Medical Imaging 2004: Image Processing 5370, 1701-1708, 2004
Effets audionumériques adaptatifs: théorie, mise en œuvre et usage en création musicale numérique.
V Verfaille
Université de la Méditerranée-Aix-Marseille II, 2003
Automated assessment of bronchial lumen, wall thickness and bronchoarterial diameter ratio of the tracheobronchial tree using high-resolution CT
R Wiemker, T Blaffert, T Bülow, S Renisch, C Lorenz
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In situ BRDF measurements of selected surface materials to improve analysis of remotely sensed multispectral imagery
G Meister, R Wiemker, J Bienlein, H Spitzer
International Archives of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing 31, 493-498, 1996
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