Ozlem Keskin
Ozlem Keskin
Prof of Chemical & Biological Engineering, Koc University, Istanbul Turkey
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Anisotropy of fluctuation dynamics of proteins with an elastic network model
AR Atilgan, SR Durell, RL Jernigan, MC Demirel, O Keskin, I Bahar
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Principles of protein− protein interactions: What are the preferred ways for proteins to interact?
O Keskin, A Gursoy, B Ma, R Nussinov
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Hot regions in protein–protein interactions: the organization and contribution of structurally conserved hot spot residues
O Keskin, B Ma, R Nussinov
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Identification of computational hot spots in protein interfaces: combining solvent accessibility and inter-residue potentials improves the accuracy
N Tuncbag, A Gursoy, O Keskin
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A new, structurally nonredundant, diverse data set of protein–protein interfaces and its implications
O Keskin, CJ Tsai, H Wolfson, R Nussinov
Protein Science 13 (4), 1043-1055, 2004
Predicting protein-protein interactions on a proteome scale by matching evolutionary and structural similarities at interfaces using PRISM
N Tuncbag, A Gursoy, R Nussinov, O Keskin
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PRISM: protein interactions by structural matching
U Ogmen, O Keskin, AS Aytuna, R Nussinov, A Gursoy
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Proteins with similar architecture exhibit similar large-scale dynamic behavior
O Keskin, RL Jernigan, I Bahar
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HotPoint: hot spot prediction server for protein interfaces
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Relating molecular flexibility to function: a case study of tubulin
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Molecular Mechanisms of Chaperonin GroEL− GroES Function
O Keskin, I Bahar, D Flatow, DG Covell, RL Jernigan
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Structure 15 (3), 341-354, 2007
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