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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Effects of several different flux enhancing chemicals on filterability and fouling reduction of membrane bioreactor (MBR) mixed liquors
H Koseoglu, NO Yigit, V Iversen, A Drews, M Kitis, B Lesjean, M Kraume
Journal of Membrane Science 320 (1-2), 57-64, 2008
Adsorption of natural organic matter from waters by iron coated pumice
M Kitis, SS Kaplan, E Karakaya, NO Yigit, G Civelekoglu
Chemosphere 66 (1), 130-138, 2007
Heterogeneous catalytic degradation of cyanide using copper-impregnated pumice and hydrogen peroxide
M Kitis, E Karakaya, NO Yigit, G Civelekoglu, A Akcil
Water Research 39 (8), 1652-1662, 2005
Acidic leaching and precipitation of zinc and manganese from spent battery powders using various reductants
E Sayilgan, T Kukrer, NO Yigit, G Civelekoglu, M Kitis
Journal of Hazardous Materials 173 (1-3), 137-143, 2010
Membrane fouling in a pilot-scale submerged membrane bioreactor operated under various conditions
NO Yigit, I Harman, G Civelekoglu, H Koseoglu, N Cicek, M Kitis
Desalination 231 (1-3), 124-132, 2008
The removal of natural organic matter from selected Turkish source waters using magnetic ion exchange resin (MIEX®)
M Kitis, Bİ Harman, NO Yigit, M Beyhan, H Nguyen, B Adams
Reactive and Functional Polymers 67 (12), 1495-1504, 2007
Treatment of a denim producing textile industry wastewater using pilot-scale membrane bioreactor
NO Yigit, N Uzal, H Koseoglu, I Harman, H Yukseler, U Yetis, ...
Desalination 240 (1-3), 143-150, 2009
Effect of cycle time on biodegradation of azo dye in sequencing batch reactor
Ö Çınar, S Yaşar, M Kertmen, K Demiröz, NÖ Yigit, M Kitis
Process Safety and Environmental Protection 86 (6), 455-460, 2008
Sustainable textile production: cleaner production assessment/eco-efficiency analysis study in a textile mill
E Ozturk, H Koseoglu, M Karaboyaci, NO Yigit, U Yetis, M Kitis
Journal of Cleaner Production 138, 248-263, 2016
Operando XAS and NAP-XPS studies of preferential CO oxidation on Co3O4 and CeO2-Co3O4 catalysts
L Lukashuk, K Föttinger, E Kolar, C Rameshan, D Teschner, M Hävecker, ...
Journal of Catalysis 344, 1-15, 2016
Impacts of membrane flux enhancers on activated sludge respiration and nutrient removal in MBRs
V Iversen, H Koseoglu, NO Yigit, A Drews, M Kitis, B Lesjean, M Kraume
Water research 43 (3), 822-830, 2009
Evaluation of integrated pollution prevention control in a textile fiber production and dyeing mill
E Ozturk, M Karaboyacı, U Yetis, NO Yigit, M Kitis
Journal of cleaner production 88, 116-124, 2015
Treatment of woolen textile wastewater using membrane bioreactor, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis for reuse in production processes
NC Cinperi, E Ozturk, NO Yigit, M Kitis
Journal of cleaner production 223, 837-848, 2019
Effects of various backwash scenarios on membrane fouling in a membrane bioreactor
N Yigit, G Civelekoglu, I Harman, H Koseoglu, M Kitis
Survival and Sustainability, 917-929, 2010
Operando insights into CO oxidation on cobalt oxide catalysts by NAP-XPS, FTIR, and XRD
L Lukashuk, N Yigit, R Rameshan, E Kolar, D Teschner, M Hävecker, ...
ACS catalysis 8 (9), 8630-8641, 2018
Destruction of cyanide by hydrogen peroxide in tailings slurries from low bearing sulphidic gold ores
M Kitis, A Akcil, E Karakaya, NO Yigit
Minerals Engineering 18 (3), 353-362, 2005
Minimization of water and chemical use in a cotton/polyester fabric dyeing textile mill
E Ozturk, H Koseoglu, M Karaboyacı, NO Yigit, U Yetis, M Kitis
Journal of cleaner production 130, 92-102, 2016
The use of iron oxide-coated ceramic membranes in removing natural organic matter and phenol from waters
BI Harman, H Koseoglu, NO Yigit, M Beyhan, M Kitis
Desalination 261 (1-2), 27-33, 2010
The effects of operating conditions on boron removal from geothermal waters by membrane processes
H Koseoglu, BI Harman, NO Yigit, E Guler, N Kabay, M Kitis
Desalination 258 (1-3), 72-78, 2010
The adsorptive removal of disinfection by-product precursors in a high-SUVA water using iron oxide-coated pumice and volcanic slag particles
SSK Bekaroglu, NO Yigit, T Karanfil, M Kitis
Journal of Hazardous Materials 183 (1-3), 389-394, 2010
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