Mohsen Moradian
Mohsen Moradian
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Synthesis and characterization of nitro-Schiff bases derived from 5-nitro-salicylaldehyde and various diamines and their complexes of Co (II)
H Naeimi, M Moradian
Journal of Coordination Chemistry 63 (1), 156-162, 2010
Encapsulation of copper (I)-Schiff base complex in NaY nanoporosity: An efficient and reusable catalyst in the synthesis of propargylamines via A3-coupling (aldehyde-amine …
H Naeimi, M Moradian
Applied Catalysis A: General 467, 400-406, 2013
Copper(I)‐N2S2‐salen type complex covalently anchored onto MCM‐41 silica: an efficient and reusable catalyst for the A3‐coupling reaction toward …
H Naeimi, M Moradian
Applied Organometallic Chemistry 27 (5), 300-306, 2013
Simultaneous Determination of Isoproterenol, Acetaminophen and Folic Acid Using a Novel Nanostructure‐Based Electrochemical Sensor
M Mazloum‐Ardakani, L Hosseinzadeh, A Khoshroo, H Naeimi, ...
Electroanalysis 26 (2), 275-284, 2014
Thioether-based copper (I) Schiff base complex as a catalyst for a direct and asymmetric A3-coupling reaction
H Naeimi, M Moradian
Tetrahedron: Asymmetry 25 (5), 429-434, 2014
Alumina-supported metal (II) Schiff base complexes as heterogeneous catalysts in the high-regioselective cleavage of epoxides to halohydrins by using elemental halogen
H Naeimi, M Moradian
Polyhedron 27 (18), 3639-3645, 2008
Facile and efficient sonochemical synthesis of 1, 4-disubstituted 1, 2, 3-triazole derivatives catalyzed by CuI under mild conditions
H Naeimi, S Dadashzadeh, M Moradian
Research on Chemical Intermediates 41 (5), 2687-2695, 2015
Metal (II) Schiff base complexes as catalysts for the high-regioselective conversion of epoxides to β-hydroxy nitriles in glycol solvents
H Naeimi, M Moradian
Canadian journal of chemistry 84 (11), 1575-1579, 2006
ZnS nanoparticles as an efficient and reusable heterogeneous catalyst for synthesis of 1-substituted-1H-tetrazoles under solvent-free conditions
H Naeimi, F Kiani, M Moradian
Journal of nanoparticle research 16 (9), 2590, 2014
Efficient synthesis and characterization of some novel nitro-Schiff bases and their complexes of nickel (II) and copper (II)
H Naeimi, M Moradian
Journal of Chemistry 2013, 2013
Regioselective direct ortho C-acylation of phenol and naphthol derivatives catalyzed by modified ZnCl 2 on Al 2 O 3 as catalyst under solvent-free and microwave conditions
H Naeimi, A Amini, M Moradian
Organic Chemistry Frontiers 1 (4), 415-421, 2014
Microwave assisted chemistry: A rapid and regioselective route for direct ortho-acylation of phenols and naphthols by methanesulfonic acid as catalyst
H Naeimi, A Raeisi, M Moradian
Arabian Journal of Chemistry 10, S2723-S2728, 2017
Facile and mild synthesis of 1-substituted-1H-1, 2, 3, 4-tetrazoles catalyzed by methanesulfonic acid under solvent-free conditions
H Naeimi, F Kiani, M Moradian
Facile and Mild Displacement of Nitrite Ions in Electron-Deficient Nitroarenes by Alkyl or Aryl Thiols in the Presence of Magnesium Methoxide as a Solid Base Catalyst
H Naeimi, M Moradian
Synlett 23 (15), 2223-2226, 2012
Functionalized graphene oxide supported copper (I) complex as effective and recyclable nanocatalyst for one‐pot three component synthesis of 1, 2, 3‐triazoles
H Naeimi, R Shaabani, M Moradian
Applied Organometallic Chemistry 31 (6), e3626, 2017
A Practical One-Pot Electrochemical Synthesis of Pyrimido[4,5-b]indole Derivatives
M Shabani-Nooshabadi, M Moradian, S Dadkhah-Tehrani
Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 90 (1), 68-73, 2017
Rapid microwave promoted heterocyclization of primary amines with triethyl orthoformate and sodium azide using zinc sulfide nanoparticles as recyclable catalyst
H Naeimi, F Kiani, M Moradian
Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews 11 (3), 361-369, 2018
Solvent-free direct ortho C-acylation of phenolic systems by methanesulfonic acid as catalyst
H Naeimi, AH Raesi, M Moradian
Iranian Journal of Catalysis 1 (2), 65-70, 2011
A green approach for the electroorganic synthesis of 2-[(4-methyl-2-pyridyl) amino]-1, 4-benzenediol derivatives in aqueous solution
S Dadkhah-Tehrani, M Shabani-Nooshabadi, M Moradian
Journal of the Iranian Chemical Society 15 (1), 171-179, 2018
Zncl2@MWCNTs nanocomposite as an efficient and reusable catalyst for direct regioselective ortho C-acylation of phenolic compounds under solvent-free and …
M Moradian, A Amini, H Naeimi
Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews 10 (4), 228-234, 2017
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