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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
What macromolecular crowding can do to a protein
IM Kuznetsova, KK Turoverov, VN Uversky
International journal of molecular sciences 15 (12), 23090-23140, 2014
Thioflavin T as a molecular rotor: fluorescent properties of thioflavin T in solvents with different viscosity
VI Stsiapura, AA Maskevich, VA Kuzmitsky, VN Uversky, IM Kuznetsova, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 112 (49), 15893-15902, 2008
Spectral properties of thioflavin T and its complexes with amyloid fibrils
ES Voropai, MP Samtsov, KN Kaplevskii, AA Maskevich, VI Stepuro, ...
Journal of Applied Spectroscopy 70 (6), 868-874, 2003
Computational study of thioflavin T torsional relaxation in the excited state
VI Stsiapura, AA Maskevich, VA Kuzmitsky, KK Turoverov, IM Kuznetsova
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 111 (22), 4829-4835, 2007
Spectral properties of thioflavin T in solvents with different dielectric properties and in a fibril-incorporated form
AA Maskevich, VI Stsiapura, VA Kuzmitsky, IM Kuznetsova, OI Povarova, ...
Journal of proteome research 6 (4), 1392-1401, 2007
The protein kingdom extended: ordered and intrinsically disordered proteins, their folding, supramolecular complex formation, and aggregation
KK Turoverov, IM Kuznetsova, VN Uversky
Progress in biophysics and molecular biology 102 (2-3), 73-84, 2010
Fluorescent proteins as biomarkers and biosensors: throwing color lights on molecular and cellular processes
OV Stepanenko, VV Verkhusha, IM Kuznetsova, VN Uversky, ...
Current Protein and Peptide Science 9 (4), 338-369, 2008
Luminescence of biopolymers and cells
GM Barenboǐm, AN Domanskiǐ, KK Turoverov
Springer, 2013
Fluorescence of dyes in solutions with high absorbance. Inner filter effect correction
AV Fonin, AI Sulatskaya, IM Kuznetsova, KK Turoverov
PloS one 9 (7), e103878, 2014
Intrinsically disordered proteins as crucial constituents of cellular aqueous two phase systems and coacervates
VN Uversky, IM Kuznetsova, KK Turoverov, B Zaslavsky
FEBS letters 589 (1), 15-22, 2015
Fluorescence quantum yield of thioflavin T in rigid isotropic solution and incorporated into the amyloid fibrils
AI Sulatskaya, AA Maskevich, IM Kuznetsova, VN Uversky, KK Turoverov
PloS one 5 (10), e15385, 2010
Use of the phase diagram method to analyze the protein unfolding-refolding reactions: fishing out the “invisible” intermediates
IM Kuznetsova, KK Turoverov, VN Uversky
Journal of proteome research 3 (3), 485-494, 2004
Partially folded conformations in the folding pathway of bovine carbonic anhydrase II: a fluorescence spectroscopic analysis
NA Bushmarina, IM Kuznetsova, AG Biktashev, KK Turoverov, ...
ChemBioChem 2 (11), 813-821, 2001
Modern fluorescent proteins: from chromophore formation to novel intracellular applications
OV Stepanenko, OV Stepanenko, DM Shcherbakova, IM Kuznetsova, ...
Biotechniques 51 (5), 313-327, 2011
High stability of Discosoma DsRed as compared to Aequorea EGFP
VV Verkhusha, IM Kuznetsova, OV Stepanenko, AG Zaraisky, ...
Biochemistry 42 (26), 7879-7884, 2003
Beyond the excluded volume effects: mechanistic complexity of the crowded milieu
IM Kuznetsova, BY Zaslavsky, L Breydo, KK Turoverov, VN Uversky
Molecules 20 (1), 1377-1409, 2015
Unraveling multistate unfolding of rabbit muscle creatine kinase
IM Kuznetsova, OV Stepanenko, KK Turoverov, L Zhu, JM Zhou, AL Fink, ...
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Protein Structure and Molecular …, 2002
Interaction of thioflavin T with amyloid fibrils: stoichiometry and affinity of dye binding, absorption spectra of bound dye
AI Sulatskaya, IM Kuznetsova, KK Turoverov
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 115 (39), 11519-11524, 2011
Ultra‐violet fluorescence of actin. Determination of native actin content in actin preparations
KK Turoverov, SY Haitlina, GP Pinaev
FEBS letters 62 (1), 4-6, 1976
Comparative studies on the structure and stability of fluorescent proteins EGFP, zFP506, mRFP1,“dimer2”, and DsRed1
OV Stepanenko, VV Verkhusha, VI Kazakov, MM Shavlovsky, ...
Biochemistry 43 (47), 14913-14923, 2004
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