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Florent Di Meo
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Free radical scavenging by natural polyphenols: atom versus electron transfer
F Di Meo, V Lemaur, J Cornil, R Lazzaroni, JL Duroux, Y Olivier, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 117 (10), 2082-2092, 2013
NHC copper (I) complexes bearing dipyridylamine ligands: synthesis, structural, and photoluminescent studies
R Marion, F Sguerra, F Di Meo, E Sauvageot, JF Lohier, R Daniellou, ...
Inorganic chemistry 53 (17), 9181-9191, 2014
Designing NHC–copper (I) dipyridylamine complexes for blue light-emitting electrochemical cells
M Elie, F Sguerra, F Di Meo, MD Weber, R Marion, A Grimault, JF Lohier, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8 (23), 14678-14691, 2016
Free radical scavenging properties of guaiacol oligomers: A combined experimental and quantum study of the guaiacyl-moiety role
E Anouar, CA Calliste, P Kosinova, F Di Meo, JL Duroux, Y Champavier, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 113 (50), 13881-13891, 2009
Antioxidant properties of phenolic Schiff bases: structure–activity relationship and mechanism of action
EH Anouar, S Raweh, I Bayach, M Taha, MS Baharudin, F Di Meo, ...
Journal of computer-aided molecular design 27 (11), 951-964, 2013
Highlights on anthocyanin pigmentation and copigmentation: a matter of flavonoid π-stacking complexation to be described by DFT-D
F Di Meo, JC Sancho Garcia, O Dangles, P Trouillas
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation 8 (6), 2034-2043, 2012
Tuning color variation in grape anthocyanins at the molecular scale
L Rustioni, F Di Meo, M Guillaume, O Failla, P Trouillas
Food Chemistry 141 (4), 4349-4357, 2013
Unravelling the immunopathological mechanisms of heavy chain deposition disease with implications for clinical management
F Bridoux, V Javaugue, S Bender, F Leroy, P Aucouturier, ...
Kidney international 91 (2), 423-434, 2017
In silico pharmacology: Drug membrane partitioning and crossing
F Di Meo, G Fabre, K Berka, T Ossman, B Chantemargue, M Paloncýová, ...
Pharmacological Research 111, 471-486, 2016
Application of recent double-hybrid density functionals to low-lying singlet-singlet excitation energies of large organic compounds
FD Meo, P Trouillas, C Adamo, JC Sancho-Garcia
The Journal of Chemical Physics 139 (16), 164104, 2013
Bottom-up hierarchical self-assembly of chiral porphyrins through coordination and hydrogen bonds
C Oliveras-González, F Di Meo, A González-Campo, D Beljonne, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (50), 15795-15808, 2015
Photoprotective capacities of lichen metabolites: a joint theoretical and experimental study
M Millot, DM Florent, S Tomasi, J Boustie, T Patrick
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology, 2012
Binding modes of a core-extended metalloporphyrin to human telomeric DNA G-quadruplexes
J Rubio-Magnieto, F Di Meo, M Lo, C Delcourt, S Clément, P Norman, ...
Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 13 (8), 2453-2463, 2015
Role of the Bridging Group in Bis‐Pyridyl Ligands: Enhancing Both the Photo‐ and Electroluminescent Features of Cationic (IPr)CuI Complexes
M Elie, MD Weber, F Di Meo, F Sguerra, JF Lohier, RB Pansu, JL Renaud, ...
Chemistry–A European Journal 23 (64), 16328-16337, 2017
Optical properties of wine pigments: theoretical guidelines with new methodological perspectives
P Trouillas, F Di Meo, J Gierschner, M Linares, JC Sancho-García, ...
Tetrahedron 71 (20), 3079-3088, 2015
Impact of lipid composition and photosensitizer hydrophobicity on the efficiency of light-triggered liposomal release
J Massiot, A Makky, F Di Meo, D Chapron, P Trouillas, V Rosilio
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (18), 11460-11473, 2017
Diastereoselective Synthesis of C60/Steroid Conjugates
A Ruiz, J Coro, L Almagro, JA Ruiz, D Molero, EE Maroto, S Filippone, ...
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 78 (7), 2819-2826, 2013
Influence of a flavan-3-ol substituent on the affinity of anthocyanins (pigments) toward vinylcatechin dimers and proanthocyanidins (copigments)
F Nave, NF Bras, L Cruz, N Teixeira, N Mateus, MJ Ramos, F Di Meo, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 116 (48), 14089-14099, 2012
H‐atom acceptor capacity of free radicals used in antioxidant measurements
P Košinová, F Di Meo, EH Anouar, JL Duroux, P Trouillas
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 111 (6), 1131-1142, 2011
Consequences of conformational flexibility in hydrogen-bond-driven self-assembly processes
JA Berrocal, F Di Meo, M García-Iglesias, RPJ Gosens, EW Meijer, ...
Chemical Communications 52 (72), 10870-10873, 2016
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