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Devin Galloway
Devin Galloway
Research Hydrologist, Scientist Emeritus, U.S. Geological Survey
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Regional land subsidence accompanying groundwater extraction
DL Galloway, TJ Burbey
Hydrogeology Journal 19 (8), 1459, 2011
Sensing the ups and downs of Las Vegas: InSAR reveals structural control of land subsidence and aquifer-system deformation
F Amelung, DL Galloway, JW Bell, HA Zebker, RJ Laczniak
Geology 27 (6), 483-486, 1999
Land subsidence in the United States
DL Galloway, DR Jones, SE Ingebritsen
Land Subsidence in the United States: US Geological Survey Circular 1182 …, 1999
Detection of aquifer system compaction and land subsidence using interferometric synthetic aperture radar, Antelope Valley, Mojave Desert, California
DL Galloway, KW Hudnut, SE Ingebritsen, SP Phillips, G Peltzer, F Rogez, ...
Water Resources Research 34 (10), 2573-2585, 1998
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J Hoffmann, HA Zebker, DL Galloway, F Amelung
Water Resources Research 37 (6), 1551-1566, 2001
Mapping the global threat of land subsidence
G Herrera-García, P Ezquerro, R Tomás, M Béjar-Pizarro, ...
Science 371 (6524), 34-36, 2021
The application of satellite differential SAR interferometry-derived ground displacements in hydrogeology
DL Galloway, J Hoffmann
Hydrogeology Journal 15, 133-154, 2007
Inverse modeling of interbed storage parameters using land subsidence observations, Antelope Valley, California
J Hoffmann, DL Galloway, HA Zebker
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Dynamics of carbon dioxide emission at Mammoth Mountain, California
JD Rogie, DM Kerrick, ML Sorey, G Chiodini, DL Galloway
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Impacts of land subsidence caused by withdrawal of underground fluids in the United States
TL Holzer, DL Galloway
MODFLOW-2000 ground-water model-user guide to the subsidence and aquifer-system compaction (SUB) package
J Hoffmann, SA Leake, DL Galloway, AM Wilson
Open-File Report, 2003
Measuring, modelling and projecting coastal land subsidence
M Shirzaei, J Freymueller, TE Törnqvist, DL Galloway, T Dura, ...
Nature Reviews Earth & Environment 2 (1), 40-58, 2021
Water-level changes induced by local and distant earthquakes at Long Valley caldera
E Roeloffs, M Sneed, DL Galloway, ML Sorey, CD Farrar, JF Howle, ...
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San Joaquin Valley, California
D Galloway, FS Riley
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Houston-Galveston, Texas
LS Coplin, D Galloway
Land subsidence in the United States: US geological survey circular 1182, 35-48, 1999
Space geodetic observation of expansion of the San Gabriel Valley, California, aquifer system, during heavy rainfall in winter 2004–2005
NE King, D Argus, J Langbein, DC Agnew, G Bawden, RS Dollar, Z Liu, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 112 (B3), 2007
Time-variation of hydrothermal discharge at selected sites in the western United States: Implications for monitoring
SE Ingebritsen, DL Galloway, EM Colvard, ML Sorey, RH Mariner
Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research 111 (1-4), 1-23, 2001
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M Sneed, DL Galloway
US Department of the Interior, US Geological Survey, 2000
Preface: Land subsidence processes
DL Galloway, G Erkens, EL Kuniansky, JC Rowland
Hydrogeology Journal 24 (3), 547-550, 2016
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