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Yasemin Ozkan
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Oral hygiene habits, denture cleanliness, presence of yeasts and stomatitis in elderly people
Y Kulak‐Ozkan, E Kazazoglu, A Arikan
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Effect of thermocycling on tensile bond strength of six silicone-based, resilient denture liners
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Existence of Candida albicans and microorganisms in denture stomatitis patients
Y Kulak, A Arikan, E Kazazoglu
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Adherence of Candida albicans to denture base acrylics and silicone-based resilient liner materials with different surface finishes
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The association between socioeconomic status, oral hygiene practice, denture stomatitis and oral status in elderly people living different residential homes
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Comparison of three different treatment methods for generalized denture stomatitis
Y Kulak, A Arikan, N Delibalta
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Satisfaction of the complete denture wearers related to various factors
SB Turker, ID Sener, YK Özkan
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Subjective assessment by patients of the efficiency of two denture adhesive pastes
Y Kulak, M Özcan, A Arikan
Journal of Prosthodontics: Implant, Esthetic and Reconstructive Dentistry 14 …, 2005
The attitude of complete denture wearers towards denture adhesives in Istanbul
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Scanning electron microscopic examination of different cleaners: surface contaminant removal from dentures
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The effect of a new denture adhesive on bite force until denture dislodgement
M Özcan, Y Kulak, C De Baat, A Arikan, M Ucankale
Journal of Prosthodontics: Implant, Esthetic and Reconstructive Dentistry 14 …, 2005
In vivo efficacy of alkaline peroxide tablets and mouthwashes on Candida albicans in patients with denture stomatitis
A Uludamar, YK Özkan, T Kadir, I Ceyhan
Journal of Applied Oral Science 18, 291-296, 2010
Marginal-internal adaptation and fracture resistance of CAD/CAM crown restorations
C Yildiz, BA Vanlioğlu, B Evren, A Uludamar, YK ÖZKAN
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Histologic characteristics and local cellular immunity of the gland of the third eyelid after topical ophthalmic administration of 2% cyclosporine for treatment of dogs with …
C Izci, I Celik, F Alkan, Z Ogurtan, C Ceylan, E Sur, Y Ozkan
American journal of veterinary research 63 (5), 688-694, 2002
Clinical and radiological evaluation of cherubism: a sporadic case report and review of the literature
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Comparison of different treatment methods for localized and generalized simple denture stomatitis
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Dental caries prevalence, tooth brushing and periodontal status in 150 young people in Istanbul: A pilot study
Y Kulak-Özkan, Y Ozkan, E Kazazoglu, A Arikan
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Effects of implant angulation, impression material, and variation in arch curvature width on implant transfer model accuracy.
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The effect of thermocycling on peel strength of six soft lining materials
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Minimally invasive veneers: current state of the art
BA Vanlıoğlu, Y Kulak-Özkan
Clinical, cosmetic and investigational dentistry 6, 101, 2014
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