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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Virtual computational chemistry laboratory–design and description
IV Tetko, J Gasteiger, R Todeschini, A Mauri, D Livingstone, P Ertl, ...
Journal of computer-aided molecular design 19 (6), 453-463, 2005
Anticipating in modeling of large social systems-neuronets with internal structure and multivaluedness
A Makarenko
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On blow-up solutions in turbulence
AS Makarenko, MN Moskalkov, SP Levkov
Physics Letters A 235 (4), 391-397, 1997
Mathematical modeling of memory effects' influence on fast hydrodynamic and heat conduction processes
A Makarenko
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Some applications and prospects of cellular automata in traffic problems
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Cellular automata with anticipation: examples and presumable applications
D Krushinsky, A Makarenko
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Some Two‐Steps Discrete‐Time Anticipatory Models With ‘Boiling’Multivaluedness
AS Makarenko, AS Stashenko
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Game ‘Life’with Anticipation Property
A Makarenko, B Goldengorin, D Krushinsky
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Anticipatory agents, scenarios approach in decision-making and some quantum–mechanical analogies
A Makarenko
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Models with anticipatory property for large socio-economical systems
A Makarenko
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Geopolitical relations in post USSR Europe as a subject of mathematical modeling and control
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Anticipation and delocalization in cellular models of pedestrian traffic
A Makarenko, D Krushinsky, B Goldengorin
na, 2008
Model equations and formation of structures in media with memory
AS Makarenko
Ukrainian journal of physics, 408-421, 2012
New differential equation model for hydrodynamics with memory effects
AS Makarenko
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New Neuronet Models of Global Socio-Economical Processes
A Makarenko, J Geurts, C Joldersma, E Roelofs
Gaming/Simulation for Policy Development and Organisational Change. J …, 1998
New Neuronet Models of Global Socio-Economical Processes. In" Gaming/Simulation for Policy Development and Organisational Change"(J. Geurts, C. Joldersma, E. Roelofs eds.)
A Makarenko
Tillburg University Press, 1998
Модели общественных явлений и сценарные подходы в принятии решений
АС Макаренко
Системні дослідження та інформаційні технології, 2003
About the models of Global Socio-Economic process
A Makarenko
Proceed. of Ukrainian Acad. of Sci, 85-87, 1994
Selforganization in Strongly Nonequilibria Media. Collapses and Structures
VA Danylenko, VY Korolevich, AS Makarenko, VO Christenyuk
Preprint (Subbotin Inst. of Geophys., Kiev, 1992), 1992
Different types of chaotic behavior for different space and time scales in complex systems
A Makarenko
2009 2nd International Workshop on Nonlinear Dynamics and Synchronization, 60-64, 2009
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