Timothy Ziemlewicz
Timothy Ziemlewicz
Associate Professor of Radiology, University of Wisconsin
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Percutaneous tumor ablation tools: microwave, radiofrequency, or cryoablation—what should you use and why?
JL Hinshaw, MG Lubner, TJ Ziemlewicz, FT Lee Jr, CL Brace
Radiographics 34 (5), 1344-1362, 2014
Neural correlates of telling lies: A functional magnetic resonance imaging study at 4 Tesla1
KL Phan, A Magalhaes, TJ Ziemlewicz, DA Fitzgerald, C Green, W Smith
Academic radiology 12 (2), 164-172, 2005
Microwave ablation of hepatic malignancy
MG Lubner, CL Brace, TJ Ziemlewicz, JL Hinshaw, FT Lee Jr
Seminars in interventional radiology 30 (1), 56, 2013
Opportunistic screening for osteoporosis using the sagittal reconstruction from routine abdominal CT for combined assessment of vertebral fractures and density
SJ Lee, N Binkley, MG Lubner, RJ Bruce, TJ Ziemlewicz, PJ Pickhardt
Osteoporosis International 27 (3), 1131-1136, 2016
Patient and tumor characteristics can predict nondiagnostic renal mass biopsy findings
J Prince, E Bultman, L Hinshaw, A Drewry, M Blute, S Best, FT Lee, ...
The Journal of urology 193 (6), 1899-1904, 2015
Microwave versus radiofrequency ablation treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma: a comparison of efficacy at a single center
TA Potretzke, TJ Ziemlewicz, JL Hinshaw, MG Lubner, SA Wells, ...
Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology 27 (5), 631-638, 2016
Liver ablation: best practice
SA Wells, JL Hinshaw, MG Lubner, TJ Ziemlewicz, CL Brace, FT Lee
Radiologic Clinics 53 (5), 933-971, 2015
Percutaneous microwave ablation of hepatocellular carcinoma with a gas-cooled system: initial clinical results with 107 tumors
TJ Ziemlewicz, JL Hinshaw, MG Lubner, CL Brace, ML Alexander, ...
Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology 26 (1), 62-68, 2015
Effect of tumor complexity and technique on efficacy and complications after percutaneous microwave ablation of stage T1a renal cell carcinoma: a single-center, retrospective study
ME Klapperich, EJ Abel, TJ Ziemlewicz, S Best, MG Lubner, SY Nakada, ...
Radiology 284 (1), 272-280, 2017
Preoperative pulmonary nodule localization: a comparison of methylene blue and hookwire techniques
M Kleedehn, DH Kim, FT Lee, MG Lubner, JB Robbins, TJ Ziemlewicz, ...
American Journal of Roentgenology 207 (6), 1334-1339, 2016
High-powered microwave ablation of t1a renal cell carcinoma: safety and initial clinical evaluation
AJ Moreland, TJ Ziemlewicz, SL Best, JL Hinshaw, MG Lubner, ...
Journal of endourology 28 (9), 1046-1052, 2014
Liver MRI in the hepatocyte phase with gadolinium‐EOB‐DTPA: does increasing the flip angle improve conspicuity and detection rate of hypointense lesions?
MR Bashir, DB Husarik, TJ Ziemlewicz, RT Gupta, DT Boll, EM Merkle
Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 35 (3), 611-616, 2012
Opportunistic osteoporosis screening at routine abdominal and thoracic CT: normative L1 trabecular attenuation values in more than 20 000 adults
S Jang, PM Graffy, TJ Ziemlewicz, SJ Lee, RM Summers, PJ Pickhardt
Radiology 291 (2), 360-367, 2019
Future osteoporotic fracture risk related to lumbar vertebral trabecular attenuation measured at routine body CT
SJ Lee, PM Graffy, RD Zea, TJ Ziemlewicz, PJ Pickhardt
Journal of Bone and Mineral Research 33 (5), 860-867, 2018
Microwave ablation: comparison of simultaneous and sequential activation of multiple antennas in liver model systems
CM Harari, M Magagna, M Bedoya, FT Lee Jr, MG Lubner, JL Hinshaw, ...
Radiology 278 (1), 95-103, 2016
Microwave ablation of giant hepatic cavernous hemangiomas
TJ Ziemlewicz, SA Wells, MA Lubner, AI Musat, JL Hinshaw, AR Cohn, ...
Cardiovascular and interventional radiology 37 (5), 1299-1305, 2014
Thermal ablation of lung tumors: focus on microwave ablation
TJ Vogl, NEA Nour-Eldin, MH Albrecht, B Kaltenbach, ...
RöFo-Fortschritte auf dem Gebiet der Röntgenstrahlen und der bildgebenden …, 2017
Prevalence of vertebral compression fractures on routine CT scans according to L1 trabecular attenuation: determining relevant thresholds for opportunistic osteoporosis screening
PM Graffy, SJ Lee, TJ Ziemlewicz, PJ Pickhardt
American Journal of Roentgenology 209 (3), 491-496, 2017
Diagnostic accuracy of MRI versus CT for the evaluation of acute appendicitis in children and young adults
S Kinner, PJ Pickhardt, EL Riedesel, KG Gill, JB Robbins, DR Kitchin, ...
American Journal of Roentgenology 209 (4), 911-919, 2017
Multi-quadrant biopsy technique improves diagnostic ability in large heterogeneous renal masses
EJ Abel, JE Heckman, L Hinshaw, S Best, M Lubner, DF Jarrard, ...
The Journal of urology 194 (4), 886-891, 2015
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