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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Heterozygous splice mutation in PIK3R1 causes human immunodeficiency with lymphoproliferation due to dominant activation of PI3K
CL Lucas, Y Zhang, A Venida, Y Wang, J Hughes, J McElwee, M Butrick, ...
Journal of Experimental Medicine 211 (13), 2537-2547, 2014
Coronavirus disease 2019 in patients with inborn errors of immunity: an international study
I Meyts, G Bucciol, I Quinti, B Neven, A Fischer, E Seoane, ...
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 147 (2), 520-531, 2021
Clinical and metabolic features of urolithiasis and microlithiasis in children
H Alpay, A Ozen, I Gokce, N Biyikli
Pediatric nephrology 24 (11), 2203-2209, 2009
Long-term follow-up of IPEX syndrome patients after different therapeutic strategies: an international multicenter retrospective study
F Barzaghi, LCA Hernandez, B Neven, S Ricci, ZY Kucuk, JJ Bleesing, ...
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 141 (3), 1036-1049. e5, 2018
Disease evolution and response to rapamycin in activated phosphoinositide 3-kinase δ syndrome: the European Society for Immunodeficiencies-Activated Phosphoinositide 3-Kinase δ …
ME Maccari, H Abolhassani, A Aghamohammadi, A Aiuti, O Aleinikova, ...
Frontiers in immunology, 543, 2018
A novel approach in allergen-specific immunotherapy: combination of sublingual and subcutaneous routes
S Keles, E Karakoc-Aydiner, A Ozen, AG Izgi, A Tevetoglu, T Akkoc, ...
Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 128 (4), 808-815. e7, 2011
Natural history and symptomatology of Helicobacter pylori in childhood and factors determining the epidemiology of infection
A Özen, D Ertem, E Pehlivanoglu
Journal of pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition 42 (4), 398-404, 2006
A recessive form of hyper-IgE syndrome by disruption of ZNF341-dependent STAT3 transcription and activity
V Béziat, J Li, JX Lin, CS Ma, P Li, A Bousfiha, I Pellier, S Zoghi, S Baris, ...
Science immunology 3 (24), eaat4956, 2018
CD55 deficiency, early-onset protein-losing enteropathy, and thrombosis
A Ozen, WA Comrie, RC Ardy, C Domínguez Conde, B Dalgic, ÖF Beser, ...
New England Journal of Medicine 377 (1), 52-61, 2017
Primary school teachers’ knowledge about and attitudes toward anaphylaxis
H Ercan, A Ozen, H Karatepe, M Berber, R Cengizlier
Pediatric Allergy and Immunology 23 (5), 428-432, 2012
Vitamin D as an adjunct to subcutaneous allergen immunotherapy in asthmatic children sensitized to house dust mite
S Baris, A Kiykim, A Ozen, A Tulunay, E Karakoc‐Aydiner, IB Barlan
Allergy 69 (2), 246-253, 2014
Functional reprogramming of regulatory T cells in the absence of Foxp3
LM Charbonnier, Y Cui, E Stephen-Victor, H Harb, D Lopez, JJ Bleesing, ...
Nature immunology 20 (9), 1208-1219, 2019
Serum IGF-I and IGFBP-3 levels of Turkish children during childhood and adolescence: establishment of reference ranges with emphasis on puberty
A Bereket, S Turan, A Omar, M Berber, A Ozen, C Akbenlioglu, G Haklar
Hormone Research in Paediatrics 65 (2), 96-105, 2006
Abatacept as a long-term targeted therapy for LRBA deficiency
A Kiykim, I Ogulur, E Dursun, LM Charbonnier, E Nain, S Cekic, ...
The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice 7 (8), 2790-2800 …, 2019
Severe early-onset combined immunodeficiency due to heterozygous gain-of-function mutations in STAT1
S Baris, F Alroqi, A Kiykim, E Karakoc-Aydiner, I Ogulur, A Ozen, ...
Journal of clinical immunology 36 (7), 641-648, 2016
Transient hypogammaglobulinemia and unclassified hypogammaglobulinemia:‘similarities and differences’
S Keles, H Artac, R Kara, B Gokturk, A Ozen, I Reisli
Pediatric allergy and immunology 21 (5), 843-851, 2010
Upper segment/lower segment ratio and armspan–height difference in healthy Turkish children
S Turan, A Bereket, A Omar, M Berber, A Ozen, N Bekiroglu
Acta Pædiatrica 94 (4), 407-413, 2005
3 Efficacy of Intravenous Immunoglobulin Treatment in Children with Common Variable Immunodeficiency
S Baris, H Ercan, H Hasret Cagan, A Ozen, E Karakoc-Aydiner, ...
Journal of Investigational Allergology and Clinical Immunology 21 (7), 514, 2011
Patients with primary immunodeficiencies are a reservoir of poliovirus and a risk to polio eradication
A Aghamohammadi, H Abolhassani, N Kutukculer, SG Wassilak, ...
Frontiers in immunology 8, 685, 2017
Outcomes and treatment strategies for autoimmunity and hyperinflammation in patients with RAG deficiency
JR Farmer, Z Foldvari, B Ujhazi, SS De Ravin, K Chen, JJH Bleesing, ...
The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice 7 (6), 1970-1985. e4, 2019
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