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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Regional differences in the dynamic linkage between CO2 emissions, sectoral output and economic growth
M Al Mamun, K Sohag, MAH Mia, GS Uddin, I Ozturk
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 38, 1-11, 2014
Remittance and domestic labor productivity: Evidence from remittance recipient countries
M Al Mamun, K Sohag, GS Uddin, M Shahbaz
Economic Modelling 47, 207-218, 2015
Sectoral output, energy use, and CO2 emission in middle-income countries
K Sohag, M Al Mamun, GS Uddin, AM Ahmed
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 24 (10), 9754-9764, 2017
Financial markets, innovations and cleaner energy production in OECD countries
M Al Mamun, K Sohag, M Shahbaz, S Hammoudeh
Energy Economics 72, 236-254, 2018
A dynamic panel analysis of the financial determinants of CSR in bangladeshi banking industry
M Al Mamun, K Sohog, A Akhter
Asian Economic and Financial Review 3 (5), 560, 2013
Network connectedness and net spillover between financial and commodity markets
SM Yoon, M Al Mamun, GS Uddin, SH Kang
The North American Journal of Economics and Finance 48, 801-818, 2019
Governance, resources and growth
M Al Mamun, K Sohag, MK Hassan
Economic Modelling 63, 238-261, 2017
Revisiting the dynamic effect of foreign direct investment on economic growth in LDCs
M Al Mamun, K Sohag
International Journal of Economic Policy in Emerging Economies 8 (2), 97-118, 2015
The effect of macroeconomic & market specific dynamics on stock market development in global growth generator countries
M Al Mamun
Asian Economic and Financial Review 3 (9), 1152, 2013
Does remittance fuel labour productivity in Bangladesh? The application of an asymmetric non-linear ARDL approach
M Al Mamun, K Sohag, N Samargandi, F Yasmeen
Applied Economics 48 (50), 4861-4877, 2016
Dynamic linkages between diffusion of Information Communication Technology and labour productivity in South Asia
M Al Mamun, GB Wickremasinghe
Applied Economics 46 (26), 3246-3260, 2014
Powerful CEOs and stock Price crash risk
M Al Mamun, B Balachandran, HN Duong
Journal of Corporate Finance, 101582, 2020
Geopolitical risk, uncertainty and Bitcoin investment
M Al Mamun, GS Uddin, MT Suleman, SH Kang
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 123107, 2019
Electricity consumption, economic growth and trade openness in Kazakhstan: evidence from cointegration and causality
S Khan, FA Jam, M Shahbaz, MA Mamun
OPEC Energy Review 42 (3), 224-243, 2018
Are investors rational, irrational or normal?
M Al Mamun, MA Syeed, F Yasmeen
Journal of Economic & Financial Studies 3 (04), 01-15, 2015
Peer pressure, CSR spending, and long-term financial performance
M Malik, M Al Mamun, A Amin
Asia-Pacific Journal of Accounting & Economics 26 (3), 241-260, 2019
Does managerial ability matter for the choice of seasoned equity offerings?
P Puwanenthiren, M Dang, D Henry, P Puwanenthiren, M Al Mamun
The North American Journal of Economics and Finance 47, 442-460, 2019
Women at work in Saudi Arabia: Impact of ICT diffusion and financial development
N Samargandi, M Al Mamun, K Sohag, M Alandejani
Technology in Society 59, 101187, 2019
Managing the future megacity: an appraisal of knowledge about energy challenges and energy-saving attitudes among households in Dhaka
M Al Mamun, MA Hoque, MT Hossain, F Yasmeen
International Journal of Sustainable Energy 35 (7), 701-721, 2016
Fiscal Policy Determinants of Bangladeshi Economic Growth: An Econometric Analysis
M Al Mamun
International Journal of Applied Research in Business Administration and …, 2012
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