Seyed Jamaleddin Shahtaheri
Seyed Jamaleddin Shahtaheri
Professor in Occupational Health, Tehran University of Medical Sciences üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Application of multivariate analysis to the screening of molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) for ametryn
AR Koohpaei, SJ Shahtaheri, MR Ganjali, AR Forushani, F Golbabaei
Talanta 75 (4), 978-986, 2008
Application of molecular imprinted polymer nanoparticles as a selective solid phase extraction for preconcentration and trace determination of 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid …
F Omidi, M Behbahani, HS Abandansari, A Sedighi, SJ Shahtaheri
Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering 12 (1), 137, 2014
Solid phase extraction and trace monitoring of cadmium ions in environmental water and food samples based on modified magnetic nanoporous silica
F Omidi, M Behbahani, MK Bojdi, SJ Shahtaheri
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 395, 213-220, 2015
Survey of correlation between two evaluation method of work related musculoskeletal disorders risk factors REBA& RULA
J Nasl Saraji, M Ghaffari, SJ Shahtaheri
Iran Occupational Health 3 (2), 5-0, 2006
Evaluation of ergonomic postures of dental professions by Rapid Entire Body Assessment (REBA), in Birjand, Iran
J Nasl Saraji, MH Hosseini, SJ Shahtaheri, F Golbabaei, M Ghasemkhani
Journal of Dental Medicine 18 (1), 61-67, 2005
Development and optimisation of an immunoaffinity-based solid-phase extraction for chlortoluron
SJ Shahtaheri, MF Katmeh, P Kwasowski, D Stevenson
Journal of Chromatography A 697 (1-2), 131-136, 1995
Evaluation of risk factors causing musculoskeletal disorders using QEC method in a furniture producing unite
M Mirmohamadi, JN Seraji, J Shahtaheri, M Lahmi, M Ghasemkhani
Iranian Journal of Public Health, 24-27, 2004
Evaluation of some natural zeolites and their relevant synthetic types as sorbents for removal of arsenic from drinking water
R Menhage-Bena, H Kazemian, M Ghazi-Khansari, M Hosseini, ...
Iranian Journal of Public Health, 36-44, 2004
Cold and reduced episiotomy pain interfere with mood and daily activity
SHIRAZ E MEDICAL JOURNAL 12 (2), 87-92, 2011
Kinetic evaluation and process performance of a fixed film bioreactor removing phthalic acid and dimethyl phthalate
M Pirsaheb, AR Mesdaghinia, SJ Shahtaheri, AA Zinatizadeh
Journal of hazardous materials 167 (1-3), 500-506, 2009
Optimization of solid-phase extraction using developed modern sorbent for trace determination of ametryn in environmental matrices
AR Koohpaei, SJ Shahtaheri, MR Ganjali, AR Forushani, F Golbabaei
Journal of hazardous materials 170 (2-3), 1247-1255, 2009
Removal of crystal violet from water by magnetically modified activated carbon and nanomagnetic iron oxide
S Hamidzadeh, M Torabbeigi, SJ Shahtaheri
Journal of Environmental Health Science and Engineering 13 (1), 8, 2015
Coupling of molecular imprinted polymer nanoparticles by high performance liquid chromatography as an efficient technique for sensitive and selective trace determination of 4 …
F Omidi, M Behbahani, S Samadi, A Sedighi, SJ Shahtaheri
Iranian journal of public health 43 (5), 645, 2014
Modification of carbon paste electrode based on molecularly imprinted polymer for electrochemical determination of diazinon in biological and environmental samples
M Khadem, F Faridbod, P Norouzi, A Rahimi Foroushani, MR Ganjali, ...
Electroanalysis 29 (3), 708-715, 2017
Selenium status in soil, water and essential crops of Iran
L Nazemi, S Nazmara, MR Eshraghyan, S Nasseri, K Djafarian, ...
Iranian journal of environmental health science & engineering 9 (1), 11, 2012
Investigating the causes of medication errors and strategies to prevention of them from nurses and nursing student viewpoint
EAC Gorgich, S Barfroshan, G Ghoreishi, M Yaghoobi
Global journal of health science 8 (8), 220, 2016
Health risk assessment of chemical pollutants in a petrochemical complex.
F Golbabaie, D Eskandari, M Azari, M Jahangiri, A Rahimi, J Shahtaheri
Iran Occupational Health 9 (3), 2012
Highly selective antibody-mediated extraction of isoproturon from complex matrices
SJ Shahtaheri, P Kwasowski, D Stevenson
Chromatographia 47 (7-8), 453-456, 1998
All Solid State Graphene Based Potentiometric Sensors forMonitoring of Mercury Ions inWasteWater Samples
MR Ganjali, F Faridbod, N Davarkhah, SJ Shahtaheri, P Norouzi
International Journal of Environmental Research 9 (1), 333-340, 2015
Solid phase extraction for evaluation of occupational exposure to Pb (II) using XAD-4 sorbent prior to atomic absorption spectroscopy
S Jamaleddin Shahtaheri, M Khadem, F Golbabaei, A Rahimi-Froushan, ...
International Journal of Occupational Safety and Ergonomics 13 (2), 137-145, 2007
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