Tyler H. McCormick
Tyler H. McCormick
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Interpretable classifiers using rules and bayesian analysis: Building a better stroke prediction model
B Letham, C Rudin, TH McCormick, D Madigan
The Annals of Applied Statistics 9 (3), 1350-1371, 2015
Segregation in social networks based on acquaintanceship and trust
TA DiPrete, A Gelman, T McCormick, J Teitler, T Zheng
American journal of sociology 116 (4), 1234-83, 2011
How many people do you know?: Efficiently estimating personal network size
TH McCormick, MJ Salganik, T Zheng
Journal of the American Statistical Association 105 (489), 59-70, 2010
Using Twitter for demographic and social science research: Tools for data collection and processing
TH McCormick, H Lee, N Cesare, A Shojaie, ES Spiro
Sociological methods & research 46 (3), 390-421, 2017
Racial inequalities in connectedness to imprisoned individuals in the United States
H Lee, T McCormick, MT Hicken, C Wildeman
Du Bois Review: Social Science Research on Race 12 (2), 269-282, 2015
# Proana: Pro-eating disorder socialization on Twitter
A Arseniev-Koehler, H Lee, T McCormick, MA Moreno
Journal of Adolescent Health 58 (6), 659-664, 2016
Using aggregated relational data to feasibly identify network structure without network data
E Breza, AG Chandrasekhar, TH McCormick, M Pan
American Economic Review 110 (8), 2454-84, 2020
Bayesian hierarchical rule modeling for predicting medical conditions
TH McCormick, C Rudin, D Madigan
The Annals of Applied Statistics 6 (2), 652-668, 2012
Dynamic logistic regression and dynamic model averaging for binary classification
TH McCormick, AE Raftery, D Madigan, RS Burd
Biometrics 68 (1), 23-30, 2012
Probabilistic cause-of-death assignment using verbal autopsies
TH McCormick, ZR Li, C Calvert, AC Crampin, K Kahn, SJ Clark
Journal of the American Statistical Association 111 (515), 1036-1049, 2016
Promises and pitfalls of using digital traces for demographic research
N Cesare, H Lee, T McCormick, E Spiro, E Zagheni
Demography 55 (5), 1979-1999, 2018
Estimating population size using the network scale up method
R Maltiel, AE Raftery, TH McCormick, AJ Baraff
The annals of applied statistics 9 (3), 1247, 2015
Reactive point processes: A new approach to predicting power failures in underground electrical systems
Ş Ertekin, C Rudin, TH McCormick
The Annals of Applied Statistics 9 (1), 122-144, 2015
Latent surface models for networks using aggregated relational data
TH McCormick, T Zheng
Journal of the American Statistical Association 110 (512), 1684-1695, 2015
An interpretable stroke prediction model using rules and Bayesian analysis
B Letham, C Rudin, TH McCormick, D Madigan
Workshops at the Twenty-Seventh AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 2013
Discovery with data: Leveraging statistics with computer science to transform science and society
C Rudin, D Dunson, R Irizarry, H Ji, E Laber, J Leek, T McCormick, ...
White Paper, American Statistical Association, 2014
Building interpretable classifiers with rules using Bayesian analysis
B Letham, C Rudin, TH McCormick, D Madigan
Department of Statistics Technical Report tr609, University of Washington 9 …, 2012
Latent space models for multiview network data
M Salter-Townshend, TH McCormick
The annals of applied statistics 11 (3), 1217, 2017
Estimating uncertainty in respondent-driven sampling using a tree bootstrap method
AJ Baraff, TH McCormick, AE Raftery
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (51), 14668-14673, 2016
Clustering South African households based on their asset status using latent variable models
D McParland, IC Gormley, TH McCormick, SJ Clark, CW Kabudula, ...
The annals of applied statistics 8 (2), 747, 2014
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