Prof. Dr. Tamer TAŞDEMİR
Prof. Dr. Tamer TAŞDEMİR
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Efficacy of three rotary NiTi instruments in removing gutta‐percha from root canals
T Taşdemir, K Er, T Yildirim, D Celik
International Endodontic Journal 41 (3), 191-196, 2008
Canal preparation with Hero 642 rotary Ni–Ti instruments compared with stainless steel hand K‐file assessed using computed tomography
T Taşdemir, H Aydemir, U Inan, O Ünal
International Endodontic Journal 38 (6), 402-408, 2005
Efficacy of several techniques for the removal of calcium hydroxide medicament from root canals
T Taşdemir, D Celik, K Er, T Yildirim, KT Ceyhanli, C Yeşilyurt
International Endodontic Journal 44 (6), 505-509, 2011
Comparative study of removal of current endodontic fillings
T Taşdemir, T Yildirim, D Çelik
Journal of Endodontics 34 (3), 326-329, 2008
Nonsurgical endodontic treatment of dens invaginatus in a mandibular premolar with large periradicular lesion: a case report
K Er, A Kuştarcı, Ü Özan, T Taşdemir
Journal of Endodontics 33 (3), 322-324, 2007
Comparative study of 6 rotary nickel-titanium systems and hand instrumentation for root canal preparation in severely curved root canals of extracted teeth
D Çelik, T Taşdemir, K Er
Journal of Endodontics 39 (2), 278-282, 2013
Antibacterial activity and physical properties of glass-ionomer cements containing antibiotics
C Yesilyurt, K Er, T Tasdemir, K Buruk, D Celik
Operative Dentistry 34 (1), 18-23, 2009
Leakage evaluation of three different root canal obturation techniques using electrochemical evaluation and dye penetration evaluation methods
U Inan, H Aydemir, T Taşdemir
Australian Endodontic Journal 33 (1), 18-22, 2007
Evaluation of the radiopacity of new root canal paste/sealers by digital radiography
T Taşdemir, C Yesilyurt, T Yildirim, K Er
Journal of Endodontics 34 (11), 1388-1390, 2008
Comparison of the sealing ability of three filling techniques in canals shaped with two different rotary systems: a bacterial leakage study
T Taşdemir, K Er, T Yildirim, K Buruk, D Çelik, S Cora, E Tahan, B Tuncel, ...
Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology, and …, 2009
Effect of smear layer and root-end cavity thickness on apical sealing ability of MTA as a root-end filling material: a bacterial leakage study
T Yildirim, K Er, T Taşdemir, E Tahan, K Buruk, A Serper
Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology, Oral Radiology, and …, 2010
Antibacterial Activity and Physical Properties of Conventional Glass‐ionomer Cements Containing Chlorhexidine Diacetate/Cetrimide Mixtures
T Tüzüner, A Kuşgöz, K Er, T Taşdemir, K Buruk, B Kemer
Journal of Esthetic and Restorative Dentistry 23 (1), 46-55, 2011
Evaluation of apical filling after root canal filling by 2 different techniques.
T Tasdemir, C Yesilyurt, KT Ceyhanli, D Celik, K Er
Journal of the Canadian Dental Association 75 (3), 201a-201d, 2009
Effect of passive ultrasonic irrigation on apical extrusion of irrigating solution
T Tasdemir, K Er, D Celik, T Yildirim
European Journal of Dentistry 2 (3), 198-203, 2008
Shear bond strength of conventional glass ionomer cements bound to mineral trioxide aggregate
C Yesilyurt, T Yildirim, T Taşdemir, A Kusgoz
Journal of Endodontics 35 (10), 1381-1383, 2009
Pain perception during inferior alveolar injection administered with the Wand or conventional syringe
C Yesilyurt, G Bulut, T Taşdemir
British Dental Journal 205 (5), E10-E10, 2008
Effect of immediate and delayed post space preparation on the apical seal of root canals obturated with different sealers and techniques
H Aydemir, G Ceylan, T Tasdemir, E Kalyoncuoglu, I Isildak
Journal of Applied Oral Science 17 (6), 605-610, 2009
Effect of unintentionally extruded mineral trioxide aggregate in treatment of tooth with periradicular lesion: a case report
E Tahan, D Çelik, K Er, T Taşdemir
Journal of Endodontics 36 (4), 760-763, 2010
Cytotoxicity analysis of strontium ranelate on cultured human periodontal ligament fibroblasts: a preliminary report
K Er, ZA Polat, F Özan, T Taşdemir, U Sezer, ŞH Siso
Journal of the Formosan Medical Association 107 (8), 609-615, 2008
An in vitro comparison of apically extruded debris using three rotary nickel-titanium instruments
T Tasdemir, K Er, D Çelik, H Aydemir
Journal of Dental Sciences 5 (3), 121-125, 2010
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