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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Bacterial and fungal contributions to soil nitrogen cycling under Douglas fir and red alder at two sites in Oregon
SA Boyle, RR Yarwood, PJ Bottomley, DD Myrold
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 40 (2), 443-451, 2008
Community composition of ammonia‐oxidizing bacteria and archaea in soils under stands of red alder and Douglas fir in Oregon
SA Boyle‐Yarwood, PJ Bottomley, DD Myrold
Environmental Microbiology 10 (11), 2956-2965, 2008
Termination of belowground C allocation by trees alters soil fungal and bacterial communities in a boreal forest
SA Yarwood, DD Myrold, MN Högberg
FEMS Microbiology Ecology 70 (1), 151-162, 2009
Recovery of ectomycorrhiza after ‘nitrogen saturation’of a conifer forest
P Högberg, C Johannisson, S Yarwood, I Callesen, T Näsholm, ...
New Phytologist 189 (2), 515-525, 2011
Reciprocal transfer effects on denitrifying community composition and activity at forest and meadow sites in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon
SA Boyle, JJ Rich, PJ Bottomley, K Cromack Jr, DD Myrold
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 38 (5), 870-878, 2006
Soil urease activity and bacterial ureC gene copy numbers: Effect of pH
KA Fisher, SA Yarwood, BR James
Geoderma 285, 1-8, 2017
A global comparison of surface soil characteristics across five cities: a test of the urban ecosystem convergence hypothesis
RV Pouyat, ID Yesilonis, M Dombos, K Szlavecz, H Setälä, S Cilliers, ...
Soil Science 180 (4/5), 136-145, 2015
Effects of host species and environment on the skin microbiome of Plethodontid salamanders
CR Muletz Wolz, SA Yarwood, EH Campbell Grant, RC Fleischer, KR Lips
Journal of Animal Ecology 87 (2), 341-353, 2018
Microbial rRNA: rDNA gene ratios may be unexpectedly low due to extracellular DNA preservation in soils
G Dlott, JE Maul, J Buyer, S Yarwood
Journal of microbiological methods 115, 112-120, 2015
Soil microbial communities associated with Douglas-fir and red alder stands at high-and low-productivity forest sites in Oregon, USA
SA Yarwood, PJ Bottomley, DD Myrold
Microbial Ecology 60 (3), 606-617, 2010
Responses of nitrification and ammonia-oxidizing bacteria to reciprocal transfers of soil between adjacent coniferous forest and meadow vegetation in the Cascade Mountains of …
PJ Bottomley, AE Taylor, SA Boyle, SK McMahon, JJ Rich, K Cromack Jr, ...
Microbial Ecology 48 (4), 500-508, 2004
Urbanization erodes ectomycorrhizal fungal diversity and may cause microbial communities to converge
DJE Schmidt, R Pouyat, K Szlavecz, H Setälä, DJ Kotze, I Yesilonis, ...
Nature ecology & evolution 1 (5), 1-9, 2017
Fungal but not bacterial soil communities recover after termination of decadal nitrogen additions to boreal forest
MN Högberg, SA Yarwood, DD Myrold
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 72, 35-43, 2014
Global-change effects on early-stage decomposition processes in tidal wetlands–implications from a global survey using standardized litter
P Mueller, LM Schile-Beers, TJ Mozdzer, GL Chmura, T Dinter, ...
Biogeosciences 15 (10), 3189-3202, 2018
Soil microbe active community composition and capability of responding to litter addition after 12 years of no inputs
S Yarwood, E Brewer, R Yarwood, K Lajtha, D Myrold
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 79 (4), 1385-1392, 2013
Shifts in soil microbial community structure, nitrogen cycling and the concomitant declining N availability in ageing primary boreal forest ecosystems
R Blaško, LH Bach, SA Yarwood, SE Trumbore, P Högberg, MN Högberg
Soil Biology and Biochemistry 91, 200-211, 2015
Site history and edaphic features override the influence of plant species on microbial communities in restored tidal freshwater wetlands
CE Prasse, AH Baldwin, SA Yarwood
Applied and environmental microbiology 81 (10), 3482-3491, 2015
Archaeal rhizosphere communities differ between the native and invasive lineages of the wetland plant Phragmites australis (common reed) in a Chesapeake Bay subestuary
SA Yarwood, AH Baldwin, MG Mateu, JS Buyer
Biological Invasions 18 (9), 2717-2728, 2016
Parent material and vegetation influence soil microbial community structure following 30-years of rock weathering and pedogenesis
S Yarwood, A Wick, M Williams, WL Daniels
Microbial ecology 69 (2), 383-394, 2015
The role of wetland microorganisms in plant-litter decomposition and soil organic matter formation: a critical review
SA Yarwood
FEMS microbiology ecology 94 (11), fiy175, 2018
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