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Shadpour Mallakpour
Shadpour Mallakpour
Professor of Organic Polymer Chemistry, Isfahan University of Technology
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Carbon paste electrode prepared from chemically modified multiwall carbon nanotubes for the voltammetric determination of isoprenaline in pharmaceutical and urine samples
AA Ensafi, H Bahrami, H Karimi-Maleh, S Mallakpour
Chinese Journal of Catalysis 33 (11-12), 1919-1926, 2012
A high sensitive biosensor based on FePt/CNTs nanocomposite/N-(4-hydroxyphenyl)-3, 5-dinitrobenzamide modified carbon paste electrode for simultaneous determination of …
H Karimi-Maleh, F Tahernejad-Javazmi, AA Ensafi, R Moradi, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 60, 1-7, 2014
A review of current coupling agents for modification of metal oxide nanoparticles
S Mallakpour, M Madani
Progress in Organic Coatings 86, 194-207, 2015
Simultaneous determination of N-acetylcysteine and acetaminophen by voltammetric method using N-(3, 4-dihydroxyphenethyl)-3, 5-dinitrobenzamide modified multiwall carbon …
AA Ensafi, H Karimi-Maleh, S Mallakpour, M Hatami
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 155 (2), 464-472, 2011
Efficient preparation of hybrid nanocomposite coatings based on poly (vinyl alcohol) and silane coupling agent modified TiO2 nanoparticles
S Mallakpour, A Barati
Progress in Organic Coatings 71 (4), 391-398, 2011
Surface functionalization of carbon nanotubes: Fabrication and applications
S Mallakpour, S Soltanian
RSC advances 6 (111), 109916-109935, 2016
Carbon nanotube–metal oxide nanocomposites: fabrication, properties and applications
S Mallakpour, E Khadem
Chemical Engineering Journal 302, 344-367, 2016
Recent development in the synthesis of polymer nanocomposites based on nano-alumina
S Mallakpour, E Khadem
Progress in Polymer Science 51, 74-93, 2015
Covalently functionalized graphene sheets with biocompatible natural amino acids
S Mallakpour, A Abdolmaleki, S Borandeh
Applied Surface Science 307, 533-542, 2014
Highly sensitive voltammetric sensor based on catechol-derivative-multiwall carbon nanotubes for the catalytic determination of captopril in patient human urine samples
AA Ensafi, H Karimi-Maleh, S Mallakpour, B Rezaei
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 87 (2), 480-488, 2011
New developments in polymer science and technology using combination of ionic liquids and microwave irradiation
S Mallakpour, Z Rafiee
Progress in Polymer Science 36 (12), 1754-1765, 2011
Ionic liquids as green solvents: progress and prospects
S Mallakpour, M Dinari
Green solvents II, 1-32, 2012
An electrochemical nanocomposite modified carbon paste electrode as a sensor for simultaneous determination of hydrazine and phenol in water and wastewater samples
H Karimi-Maleh, M Moazampour, AA Ensafi, S Mallakpour, M Hatami
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 21 (9), 5879-5888, 2014
Preparation and characterization of new organoclays using natural amino acids and Cloisite Na+
S Mallakpour, M Dinari
Applied Clay Science 51 (3), 353-359, 2011
Polymer/SiO2 nanocomposites: Production and applications
S Mallakpour, M Naghdi
Progress in Materials Science 97, 409-447, 2018
Progress in synthetic polymers based on natural amino acids
S Mallakpour, M Dinari
Journal of Macromolecular Science, Part A 48 (8), 644-679, 2011
Advances in synthetic optically active condensation polymers--A review.
S Mallakpour, A Zadehnazari
Express Polymer Letters 5 (2), 2011
Selective and efficient oxidation of sulfides and thiols with benzyltriphenylphosphonium peroxymonosulfate in aprotic solvent
AR Hajipour, SE Mallakpour, H Adibi
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 67 (24), 8666-8668, 2002
Simultaneous Determination of Ascorbic Acid, Acetaminophen, and Tryptophan by Square Wave Voltammetry Using N‐(3,4‐Dihydroxyphenethyl)‐3,5 …
AA Ensafi, H Karimi‐Maleh, S Mallakpour
Electroanalysis 24 (3), 666-675, 2012
N‐(3,4‐Dihydroxyphenethyl)‐3,5‐dinitrobenzamide‐Modified Multiwall Carbon Nanotubes Paste Electrode as a Novel Sensor for Simultaneous Determination of …
AA Ensafi, H Karimi‐Maleh, S Mallakpour
Electroanalysis 23 (6), 1478-1487, 2011
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