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Alıntı yapanlar
The Surface Rupture and Slip Distribution of the 17 August 1999 İzmit Earthquake (M 7.4), North Anatolian Fault
A Barka, HS Akyuz, E Altunel, G Sunal, Z Cakir, A Dikbas, B Yerli, ...
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 92 (1), 43-60, 2002
The tectonics of the Altaids: Crustal growth during the construction of the continental lithosphere of Central Asia between∼ 750 and∼ 130 Ma ago
AMC Şengör, BA Natal'in, G Sunal, R van der Voo
Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences 46, 439-494, 2018
Early Cretaceous sedimentation and orogeny on the active margin of Eurasia: Southern Central Pontides, Turkey
AI Okay, G Sunal, S Sherlock, D Alt ner, O Tüysüz, ...
Tectonics 32 (5), 1247-1271, 2013
Surface Rupture and Slip Distribution of the 12 November 1999 Düzce Earthquake (M 7.1), North Anatolian Fault, Bolu, Turkey
HS Akyuz, R Hartleb, A Barka, E Altunel, G Sunal, B Meyer, R Armijo
Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 92 (1), 61-66, 2002
Spatial, temporal and geochemical evolution of Oligo–Miocene granitoid magmatism in western Anatolia, Turkey
Ş Altunkaynak, Y Dilek, CŞ Genç, G Sunal, R Gertisser, H Furnes, ...
Gondwana Research 21 (4), 961-986, 2012
Eocene granitic magmatism in NW Anatolia (Turkey) revisited: new implications from comparative zircon SHRIMP U–Pb and 40Ar–39Ar geochronology and isotope geochemistry on magma …
Ş Altunkaynak, G Sunal, E Aldanmaz, CŞ Genç, Y Dilek, H Furnes, ...
Lithos 155, 289-309, 2012
Low‐pressure–high‐temperature metamorphism during extension in a Jurassic magmatic arc, Central Pontides, Turkey
AI Okay, G Sunal, O Tüysüz, S Sherlock, M Keskin, ARC Kylander‐Clark
Journal of Metamorphic Geology 32 (1), 49-69, 2014
Paleozoic magmatic events in the Strandja Massif, NW Turkey
G Sunal, BA Natal'in, M Satir, E Toraman
Geodinamica Acta 19 (5), 283-300, 2006
Neoproterozoic continental arc volcanism at the northern edge of the Arabian Plate, SE Turkey
S Gürsu, A Moeller, MC Göncüoglu, S Köksal, H Demircan, FT Köksal, ...
Precambrian Research 258, 208-233, 2015
Palaeostress analysis of Tertiary post-collisional structures in the Western Pontides, northern Turkey
G Sunal, O TüYSüZ
Geological Magazine 139 (3), 343-359, 2002
Paleotectonic position of the Strandja Massif and surrounding continental blocks based on zircon Pb-Pb age studies
G Sunal, M Satir, BA Natal'in, E Toraman
International Geology Review 50 (6), 519-545, 2008
Geological evolution of the Central Pontides
AI Okay, D Altiner, G Sunal, M Aygül, R Akdoğan, S Altiner, M Simmons
Geological Society, London, Special Publications 464 (1), 33-67, 2018
Metamorphism and diachronous cooling in a contractional orogen: the Strandja Massif, NW Turkey
G Sunal, M Satir, BA Natal'in, G Topuz, O Vonderschmidt
Geological Magazine 148 (4), 580-596, 2011
Tectonics of the Strandja Massif, NW Turkey: history of a long-lived arc at the northern margin of Palaeo-Tethys
B NATALIN, G SUNAL, M Satir, E Toraman
Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences 21 (5), 755-798, 2012
Devonian magmatism in the western Sakarya Zone, Karacabey region, NW Turkey
G Sunal
Geodinamica Acta 25 (3-4), 183-201, 2012
Uplift of anatolia
Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences 29 (5), 696-713, 2020
A new look at the Altaids: a superorogenic complex in northern and central Asia as a factory of continental crust. Part II: palaeomagnetic data, reconstructions, crustal growth …
AMC Şengör, BA Natal'In, G Sunal, R Van Der Voo
Austrian Journal of Earth Sciences 107 (2), 131-181, 2014
The phanerozoic palaeotectonics of Turkey. Part I: an inventory
AMC Şengör, N Lom, G Sunal, C Zabcı, T Sancar
Mediterranean Geoscience Reviews 1, 91-161, 2019
The August 17, 1999 İzmit earthquake, M= 7.4, eastern Marmara region, Turkey: study of surface rupture and slip distribution
A Barka, S Akyüz, E Altunel, G Sunal, Z Çakır, A Dikbaş, B Yerli, ...
The, 15-30, 1999
Provenance of a large Lower Cretaceous turbidite submarine fan complex on the active Laurasian margin: Central Pontides, northern Turkey
R Akdoğan, AI Okay, G Sunal, G Tari, G Meinhold, ARC Kylander-Clark
Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 134, 309-329, 2017
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