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Cyril Voyant
Cyril Voyant
University of Corsica, UMR CNRS 6134
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Machine learning methods for solar radiation forecasting: A review
C Voyant, G Notton, S Kalogirou, ML Nivet, C Paoli, F Motte, A Fouilloy
Renewable Energy 105, 569-582, 2017
Forecasting of preprocessed daily solar radiation time series using neural networks
C Paoli, C Voyant, M Muselli, ML Nivet
Solar energy 84 (12), 2146-2160, 2010
Solar Radiation Forecasting using Artificial Neural Network and Random Forest Methods: Application to Normal Beam, Horizontal Diffuse and Global Components
L Benali, G Notton, A Fouilloy, C Voyant, R Dizene
Renewable Energy 132, 871-884, 2019
Numerical weather prediction (NWP) and hybrid ARMA/ANN model to predict global radiation
C Voyant, M Muselli, C Paoli, ML Nivet
Energy 39 (1), 341-355, 2012
Intermittent and stochastic character of renewable energy sources: consequences, cost of intermittence and benefit of forecasting
G Notton, ML Nivet, C Voyant, C Darras, F Motte, C Paoli
Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews 87, 96-105, 2018
A benchmarking of machine learning techniques for solar radiation forecasting in an insular context
P Lauret, C Voyant, T Soubdhan, M David, P Poggi
Solar Energy 112, 446-457, 2015
Optimization of an artificial neural network dedicated to the multivariate forecasting of daily global radiation
C Voyant, M Muselli, C Paoli, ML Nivet
Energy 36 (1), 348-359, 2011
Solar irradiation prediction with machine learning: Forecasting models selection method depending on weather variability
A Fouilloy, C Voyant, G Notton, F Motte, C Paoli, ML Nivet, E Guillot, ...
Energy 165, 620-629, 2018
Verification of deterministic solar forecasts
D Yang, S Alessandrini, J Antonanzas, F Antonanzas-Torres, V Badescu, ...
Solar Energy 210, 20-37, 2020
Hybrid methodology for hourly global radiation forecasting in Mediterranean area
C Voyant, M Muselli, C Paoli, ML Nivet
Renewable Energy 53, 1-11, 2013
Multi-horizon solar radiation forecasting for Mediterranean locations using time series models
C Voyant, C Paoli, M Muselli, ML Nivet
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 28, 44-52, 2013
Estimation of 5-min time-step data of tilted solar global irradiation using ANN (Artificial Neural Network) model
K Dahmani, R Dizene, G Notton, C Paoli, C Voyant, ML Nivet
Energy 70, 374-381, 2014
Bayesian rules and stochastic models for high accuracy prediction of solar radiation
C Voyant, C Darras, M Muselli, C Paoli, ML Nivet, P Poggi
Applied Energy 114, 218-226, 2013
Some Applications of ANN to Solar Radiation Estimation and Forecasting for Energy Applications
G Notton, C Voyant, A Fouilloy, JL Duchaud
Applied Sciences 9 (209), 2019
Solar radiation forecasting using ad-hoc time series preprocessing and neural networks
C Paoli, C Voyant, M Muselli, ML Nivet
International Conference on Intelligent Computing in Ulsan, Korea, 898-907, 2009
Forecasting of Intermittent Solar Energy Resource
G Notton, C Voyant
Advances in Renewable Energies and Power Technologies 1, 77-114, 2018
PV output power fluctuations smoothing: The MYRTE platform experience
C Darras, M Muselli, P Poggi, C Voyant, JC Hoguet, F Montignac
International Journal of hydrogen energy 37 (19), 14015-14025, 2012
Twenty four hours ahead global irradiation forecasting using multi‐layer perceptron
C Voyant, P Randimbivololona, ML Nivet, C Paoli, M Muselli
Meteorological Applications 21 (3), 644-655, 2014
Statistical parameters as a means to a priori assess the accuracy of solar forecasting models
C Voyant, T Soubdhan, P Lauret, M David, M Muselli
Energy 90, 671-679, 2015
Multi-Objective Particle Swarm Optimal Sizing of a Renewable Hybrid Power Plant with Storage
JL Duchaud, G Notton, C Darras, C Voyant
Renewable Energy 131, 1156-1167, 2019
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