Astrid Prinz
Astrid Prinz
Associate Professor of Biology, Emory University üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Similar network activity from disparate circuit parameters
AA Prinz, D Bucher, E Marder
Nature neuroscience 7 (12), 1345-1352, 2004
Alternative to hand-tuning conductance-based models: construction and analysis of databases of model neurons
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The dynamic clamp comes of age
AA Prinz, LF Abbott, E Marder
Trends in neurosciences 27 (4), 218-224, 2004
Modeling stability in neuron and network function: the role of activity in homeostasis
E Marder, AA Prinz
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Animal-to-animal variability in motor pattern production in adults and during growth
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Phase resetting and phase locking in hybrid circuits of one model and one biological neuron
SA Oprisan, AA Prinz, CC Canavier
Biophysical journal 87 (4), 2283-2298, 2004
Phase response curves in neuroscience: theory, experiment, and analysis
NW Schultheiss, AA Prinz, RJ Butera
Springer Science & Business Media, 2011
The functional consequences of changes in the strength and duration of synaptic inputs to oscillatory neurons
AA Prinz, V Thirumalai, E Marder
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Structure and visualization of high-dimensional conductance spaces
AL Taylor, TJ Hickey, AA Prinz, E Marder
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Red pigment concentrating hormone strongly enhances the strength of the feedback to the pyloric rhythm oscillator but has little effect on pyloric rhythm period
V Thirumalai, AA Prinz, CD Johnson, E Marder
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E Marder, AA Prinz
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Conductance ratios and cellular identity
AE Hudson, AA Prinz
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AA Prinz, P Fromherz
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Activity-dependent alternative splicing increases persistent sodium current and promotes seizure
WH Lin, C Günay, R Marley, AA Prinz, RA Baines
Journal of Neuroscience 32 (21), 7267-7277, 2012
Predictions of phase-locking in excitatory hybrid networks: excitation does not promote phase-locking in pattern-generating networks as reliably as inhibition
FH Sieling, CC Canavier, AA Prinz
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Phase maintenance in a rhythmic motor pattern during temperature changes in vivo
W Soofi, ML Goeritz, TJ Kispersky, AA Prinz, E Marder, W Stein
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Database analysis of simulated and recorded electrophysiological datasets with PANDORA’s toolbox
C Günay, JR Edgerton, S Li, T Sangrey, AA Prinz, D Jaeger
Neuroinformatics 7 (2), 93-111, 2009
Recombinant Kv1. 3 potassium channels stabilize tonic firing of cultured rat hippocampal neurons
J Kupper, AA Prinz, P Fromherz
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Geometry and dynamics of activity-dependent homeostatic regulation in neurons
AV Olypher, AA Prinz
Journal of computational neuroscience 28 (3), 361-374, 2010
Effect of simulated Ito on guinea pig and canine ventricular action potential morphology
M Dong, X Sun, AA Prinz, HS Wang
American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology 291 (2 …, 2006
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