Francesca Capozzi
Francesca Capozzi
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Decoding intentions from movement kinematics
A Cavallo, A Koul, C Ansuini, F Capozzi, C Becchio
Scientific Reports 6 (1), 1-8, 2016
Theory of mind deficit in subjects with alcohol use disorder: an analysis of mindreading processes
FM Bosco, F Capozzi, L Colle, P Marostica, M Tirassa
Alcohol and Alcoholism 49 (3), 299-307, 2014
Detecting emergent leader in a meeting environment using nonverbal visual features only
C Beyan, N Carissimi, F Capozzi, S Vascon, M Bustreo, A Pierro, ...
Proceedings of the 18th ACM International Conference on Multimodal …, 2016
Followers are not followed: Observed group interactions modulate subsequent social attention.
F Capozzi, C Becchio, C Willemse, AP Bayliss
Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 145 (5), 531, 2016
One is not enough: Group size modulates social gaze-induced object desirability effects
F Capozzi, AP Bayliss, MR Elena, C Becchio
Psychonomic Bulletin & Review 22 (3), 850-855, 2015
Staring reality in the face: A comparison of social attention across laboratory and real world measures suggests little common ground.
DA Hayward, W Voorhies, JL Morris, F Capozzi, J Ristic
Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology/Revue canadienne de psychologie …, 2017
Prediction of the leadership style of an emergent leader using audio and visual nonverbal features
C Beyan, F Capozzi, C Becchio, V Murino
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia 20 (2), 441-456, 2017
How attention gates social interactions
F Capozzi, J Ristic
Ann. NY Acad. Sci 1426, 179-198, 2018
Altercentric intrusions from multiple perspectives: Beyond dyads
F Capozzi, A Cavallo, T Furlanetto, C Becchio
PloS one 9 (12), e114210, 2014
When far becomes near: Perspective taking induces social remapping of spatial relations
A Cavallo, C Ansuini, F Capozzi, B Tversky, C Becchio
Psychological science 28 (1), 69-79, 2017
Identification of emergent leaders in a meeting scenario using multiple kernel learning
C Beyan, F Capozzi, C Becchio, V Murino
Proceedings of the 2nd Workshop on Advancements in Social Signal Processing …, 2016
Temporal perception in joint action: This is MY action
F Capozzi, C Becchio, F Garbarini, S Savazzi, L Pia
Consciousness and cognition 40, 26-33, 2016
Multi-task learning of social psychology assessments and nonverbal features for automatic leadership identification
C Beyan, F Capozzi, C Becchio, V Murino
Proceedings of the 19th ACM International Conference on Multimodal …, 2017
Gaze following in multiagent contexts: Evidence for a quorum-like principle
F Capozzi, AP Bayliss, J Ristic
Psychonomic bulletin & review 25 (6), 2260-2266, 2018
Where is your attention? Assessing individual instances of covert attentional orienting in response to gaze and arrow cues
CD Blair, F Capozzi, J Ristic
Vision 1 (3), 19, 2017
Suppressing movements with phantom limbs and existing limbs evokes comparable electrophysiological inhibitory responses
V Bruno, I Ronga, C Fossataro, F Capozzi, F Garbarini
Cortex 117, 64-76, 2019
Attention AND mentalizing? Reframing a debate on social orienting of attention
F Capozzi, J Ristic
Visual Cognition 28 (2), 97-105, 2020
It's not all in the face: reduced face visibility does not modulate social segmentation
F Capozzi, N Latif, J Ristic
Visual Cognition 27 (1), 38-45, 2019
Attention promotes accurate impression formation
F Capozzi, LJ Human, J Ristic
Journal of Personality 88 (3), 544-554, 2020
Taking it out of context: The role of contextual coherence during social event segmentation
N Latif, F Capozzi, J Ristic
Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics 81 (6), 2003-2013, 2019
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