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Prof. Aydin Secer
Prof. Aydin Secer
Professor at Yildiz Technical University, Mathematical Engineering
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A note on fractional order derivatives and table of fractional derivatives of some special functions
A Atangana, A Secer
Abstract and applied analysis 2013, 2013
The time-fractional coupled-Korteweg-de-Vries equations
A Atangana, A Secer
Abstract and Applied Analysis 2013, 2013
An encyclopedia of Kudryashov’s integrability approaches applicable to optoelectronic devices
M Ozisik, A Secer, M Bayram, H Aydin
Optik 265, 169499, 2022
Optical solitons with Kudryashov’s sextic power-law nonlinearity
M Ozisik, M Cinar, A Secer, M Bayram
Optik 261, 169202, 2022
Derivation of optical solitons of dimensionless Fokas-Lenells equation with perturbation term using Sardar sub-equation method
M Cinar, A Secer, M Ozisik, M Bayram
Optical and Quantum Electronics 54 (7), 402, 2022
On the optical soliton solutions of Kundu–Mukherjee–Naskar equation via two different analytical methods
I Onder, A Secer, M Ozisik, M Bayram
Optik 257, 168761, 2022
On generalized fractional kinetic equations involving generalized Bessel function of the first kind
D Kumar, SD Purohit, A Secer, A Atangana
Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2015, 2015
Optical solitons of the (2+ 1)-dimensional Biswas–Milovic equation using modified extended tanh-function method
M Cinar, I Onder, A Secer, TA Sulaiman, A Yusuf, M Bayram
Optik 245, 167631, 2021
The analytical solutions of Zoomeron equation via extended rational sin-cos and sinh-cosh methods
M Cinar, I Onder, A Secer, A Yusuf, TA Sulaiman, M Bayram, H Aydin
Physica Scripta 96 (9), 094002, 2021
Sinc-Galerkin method for approximate solutions of fractional order boundary value problems
A Secer, S Alkan, MA Akinlar, M Bayram
Boundary Value Problems 2013, 1-14, 2013
On solitary wave solutions for the perturbed Chen–Lee–Liu equation via an analytical approach
H Esen, N Ozdemir, A Secer, M Bayram
Optik 245, 167641, 2021
Optical soliton solutions to Chen Lee Liu model by the modified extended tanh expansion scheme
N Ozdemir, H Esen, A Secer, M Bayram, A Yusuf, TA Sulaiman
Optik 245, 167643, 2021
A new approximate analytical solution of Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation using homotopy analysis method
M Kurulay, A Secer, MA Akinlar
Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences 7 (1), 267-271, 2013
Optical solitons and other solutions to the Radhakrishnan-Kundu-Lakshmanan equation
N Ozdemir, H Esen, A Secer, M Bayram, TA Sulaiman, A Yusuf, H Aydin
Optik 242, 167363, 2021
Efficient solutions of systems of fractional PDEs by the differential transform method
A Secer, MA Akinlar, A Cevikel
Advances in Difference Equations 2012 (1), 1-7, 2012
Stochastic optical solitons with multiplicative white noise via Itô calculus
A Secer
Optik 268, 169831, 2022
A reliable analytical approach for a fractional model of advection-dispersion equation
J Singh, A Secer, R Swroop, D Kumar
Nonlinear Engineering 8 (1), 107-116, 2019
Numerical solution of fractional Benney equation
MA Akinlar, A Secer, M Bayram
Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences 8 (4), 1633, 2014
Perturbation of dispersive optical solitons with Schrödinger–Hirota equation with Kerr law and spatio-temporal dispersion
N Ozdemir, A Secer, M Ozisik, M Bayram
Optik 265, 169545, 2022
Convexity of certain-integral operators of-valent functions
KA Selvakumaran, SD Purohit, A Secer, M Bayram
Abstract and Applied Analysis 2014, 2014
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