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Ricardo F. H. Giehl
Ricardo F. H. Giehl
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Plasticity of the Arabidopsis root system under nutrient deficiencies
BD Gruber*, RFH Giehl*, S Friedel, N von Wirén
Plant physiology 163 (1), 161-179, 2013
Root nutrient foraging
RFH Giehl, N von Wirén
Plant physiology 166 (2), 509-517, 2014
Feruloyl-CoA 6′-Hydroxylase1-Dependent Coumarins Mediate Iron Acquisition from Alkaline Substrates in Arabidopsis
NB Schmid, RFH Giehl, S Döll, HP Mock, N Strehmel, D Scheel, X Kong, ...
Plant physiology 164 (1), 160-172, 2014
It’s time to make changes: modulation of root system architecture by nutrient signals
RFH Giehl, BD Gruber, N von Wirén
Journal of experimental botany 65 (3), 769-778, 2014
Localized iron supply triggers lateral root elongation in Arabidopsis by altering the AUX1-mediated auxin distribution
RFH Giehl, JE Lima, N von Wirén
The Plant Cell 24 (1), 33-49, 2012
Biosynthesis of redox-active metabolites in response to iron deficiency in plants
J Rajniak, RFH Giehl, E Chang, I Murgia, N Wirén, ES Sattely
Nature Chemical Biology, 1, 2018
A mechanistic framework for auxin dependent Arabidopsis root hair elongation to low external phosphate
R Bhosale, J Giri, BK Pandey, RFH Giehl, A Hartmann, R Traini, ...
Nature Communications 9 (1), 1409, 2018
Heavy metals induce iron-deficiency responses at different hierarchic and regulatory levels
A Lesková, RFH Giehl, A Hartmann, A Fargasová, N von Wirén
Plant Physiology, pp. 01916.2016, 2017
Metal Tolerance Protein 8 Mediates Manganese Homeostasis and Iron Reallocation during Seed Development and Germination
S Eroglu*, RFH Giehl*, B Meier, M Takahashi, Y Terada, K Ignatyev, ...
Plant Physiology 174 (3), 1633-1647, 2017
Moving up, down, and everywhere: signaling of micronutrients in plants
RFH Giehl, AR Meda, N von Wirén
Current opinion in plant biology 12 (3), 320-327, 2009
The influence of inorganic nitrogen fertilizer forms on micronutrient retranslocation and accumulation in grains of winter wheat
N Barunawati, RFH Giehl, B Bauer, N Von Wirén
Frontiers in plant science 4, 2013
Natural variation of BSK3 tunes brassinosteroid signaling to regulate root foraging under low nitrogen
Z Jia, RFH Giehl, RC Meyer, T Altmann, N von Wirén
Nature Communications 10 (1), 2378, 2019
Silicon decreases cadmium concentrations by modulating root endodermal suberin development in wheat plants
J Wu, HP Mock, RFH Giehl, B Pitann, KH Mühling
Journal of Hazardous Materials, 2018
A critical role of AMT2;1 in root-to-shoot translocation of ammonium in Arabidopsis
RFH Giehl, AM Laginha, F Duan, D Rentsch, L Yuan, N von Wirén
Molecular Plant, 2017
Fosfitos para o controle de podridões pós-colheita em maçãs ‘Fuji’durante o armazenamento refrigerado
ABRFH Giehl, ISCA Steffens
Ciência rural 34 (4), 2004
Qualidade da maçã cv. Gala tratada com 1-metilciclopropeno
A Brackmann, I Sestari, CA Steffens, RFH Giehl
Ciênc. rural 34 (5), 1415-1420, 2004
Nickel Toxicity Targets Cell Wall-Related Processes and PIN2-Mediated Auxin Transport to Inhibit Root Elongation and Gravitropic Responses in Arabidopsis
A Lešková, M Zvarík, T Araya, RFH Giehl
Plant and Cell Physiology, 2019
Arabidopsis ITPK1 and ITPK2 have an Evolutionary Conserved Phytic Acid Kinase Activity
D Laha, N Parvin, A Hofer, RFH Giehl, N Fernandez-Rebollo, N von Wiren, ...
ACS chemical biology, 2019
Root zone–specific localization of AMTs determines ammonium transport pathways and nitrogen allocation to shoots
F Duan, RFH Giehl, N Geldner, DE Salt, N von Wirén
PLoS biology 16 (10), e2006024, 2018
Maçã'Gala'armazenada em atmosfera controlada e tratada com aminoetoxivinilglicina e ethephon
CA Steffens, RFH Giehl, A Brackmann
Pesquisa Agropecuária Brasileira 40 (9), 837-843, 2005
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