Sacha Javor
Sacha Javor
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A peptide dendrimer enzyme model with a single catalytic site at the core
S Javor, E Delort, T Darbre, JL Reymond
Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (43), 13238-13246, 2007
Activation of a water-soluble resorcinarene cavitand at the water–phosphocholine micelle interface
S Javor, J Rebek Jr
Journal of the American Chemical Society 133 (43), 17473-17478, 2011
Molecular dynamics and docking studies of single site esterase peptide dendrimers
S Javor, JL Reymond
The Journal of organic chemistry 74 (10), 3665-3674, 2009
Lipidated peptide dendrimers killing multidrug-resistant bacteria
TN Siriwardena, M Stach, R He, BH Gan, S Javor, M Heitz, L Ma, X Cai, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (1), 423-432, 2018
α-Helix stabilization within a peptide dendrimer
S Javor, A Natalello, SM Doglia, JL Reymond
Journal of the American Chemical Society 130 (51), 17248-17249, 2008
Chemical space guided discovery of antimicrobial bridged bicyclic peptides against Pseudomonas aeruginosa and its biofilms
I Di Bonaventura, X Jin, R Visini, D Probst, S Javor, BH Gan, G Michaud, ...
Chemical science 8 (10), 6784-6798, 2017
Deep cavitand vesicles–multicompartmental hosts
J Kubitschke, S Javor, J Rebek
Chemical Communications 48 (74), 9251-9253, 2012
Optimizing antimicrobial peptide dendrimers in chemical space
TN Siriwardena, A Capecchi, BH Gan, X Jin, R He, D Wei, L Ma, T Köhler, ...
Angewandte Chemie 130 (28), 8619-8623, 2018
Targeting botulinum A cellular toxicity: a prodrug approach
P Silhar, LM Eubanks, H Seki, S Pellett, S Javor, WH Tepp, EA Johnson, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 56 (20), 7870-7879, 2013
Fluorescence imaging of bacterial killing by antimicrobial peptide dendrimer G3KL
BH Gan, TN Siriwardena, S Javor, T Darbre, JL Reymond
ACS infectious diseases 5 (12), 2164-2173, 2019
Antimicrobial peptide dendrimer chimera
TN Siriwardena, A Lüscher, T Köhler, C van Delden, S Javor, ...
Helvetica chimica acta 102 (4), e1900034, 2019
C-terminus of botulinum A protease has profound and unanticipated kinetic consequences upon the catalytic cleft
P Šilhár, MA Lardy, MS Hixon, CB Shoemaker, JT Barbieri, AK Struss, ...
ACS medicinal chemistry letters 4 (2), 283-287, 2013
Stereoselective pH responsive peptide dendrimers for siRNA transfection
M Heitz, S Javor, T Darbre, JL Reymond
Bioconjugate chemistry 30 (8), 2165-2182, 2019
An antimicrobial bicyclic peptide from chemical space against multidrug resistant Gram-negative bacteria
I Di Bonaventura, S Baeriswyl, A Capecchi, BH Gan, X Jin, ...
Chemical communications 54 (40), 5130-5133, 2018
The C6H6 NMR repository: an integral solution to control the flow of your data from the magnet to the public
L Patiny, M Zasso, D Kostro, A Bernal, AM Castillo, A Bolaños, ...
Magnetic Resonance in Chemistry 56 (6), 520-528, 2018
Structure–Activity Relationship Studies in Single‐Site Esterase Peptide Dendrimers
S Javor, JL Reymond
Israel journal of chemistry 49 (1), 129-136, 2009
Probing BoNT/A protease exosites: implications for inhibitor design and light chain longevity
S Xue, S Javor, MS Hixon, KD Janda
Biochemistry 53 (43), 6820-6824, 2014
Onchocerca volvulus Molting Inhibitors Identified through Scaffold Hopping
M Gooyit, TL Harris, N Tricoche, S Javor, S Lustigman, KD Janda
ACS infectious diseases 1 (5), 198-202, 2015
Exploiting the Polypharmacology of ß-Carbolines to Disrupt O. volvulus Molting
M Gooyit, N Tricoche, S Javor, S Lustigman, KD Janda
ACS medicinal chemistry letters 6 (3), 339-343, 2015
X-ray Crystal Structures of Short Antimicrobial Peptides as Pseudomonas aeruginosa Lectin B Complexes
S Baeriswyl, BH Gan, TN Siriwardena, R Visini, M Robadey, S Javor, ...
ACS chemical biology 14 (4), 758-766, 2019
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