Susana Pinedo
Susana Pinedo
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A new methodology based on littoral community cartography dominated by macroalgae for the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive
E Ballesteros, X Torras, S Pinedo, M García, L Mangialajo, M De Torres
Marine pollution bulletin 55 (1-6), 172-180, 2007
Changes in the composition and structure of Mediterranean rocky-shore communities following a gradient of nutrient enrichment: descriptive study and test of proposed methods to …
R Arévalo, S Pinedo, E Ballesteros
Marine pollution bulletin 55 (1-6), 104-113, 2007
Long-term decline of the populations of Fucales (Cystoseira spp. and Sargassum spp.) in the Alberes coast (France, North-western Mediterranean)
T Thibaut, S Pinedo, X Torras, E Ballesteros
Marine pollution bulletin 50 (12), 1472-1489, 2005
Rocky-shore communities as indicators of water quality: a case study in the Northwestern Mediterranean
S Pinedo, M García, MP Satta, M De Torres, E Ballesteros
Marine Pollution Bulletin 55 (1-6), 126-135, 2007
Changes in the dynamics of shallow sandy-bottom assemblages due to sand extraction in the Catalan Western Mediterranean Sea
R Sardá, S Pinedo, A Gremare, S Taboada
ICES Journal of Marine Science 57 (5), 1446-1453, 2000
Seasonal dynamics of macroinfaunal key species inhabiting shallow soft-bottoms in the Bay of Blanes (NW Mediterranean)
R Sardá, S Pinedo, D Martin
Acta Oecologica 20 (4), 315-326, 1999
Effect of sediment particle size on recruitment of Owenia fusiformis in the Bay of Blanes (NW Mediterranean Sea): an experimental approach to explain field distribution
S Pinedo, R Sardá, C Rey, M Bhaud
Marine Ecology Progress Series 203, 205-213, 2000
Distribution patterns and trophic structure of soft-bottom polychaete assemblages in a north-western Mediterranean shallow-water bay
D Martin, S Pinedo, R Sardá
Ophelia 53 (1), 1-17, 2000
On the Dramatic Increase ofDitrupa arietinaO. F. Müller (Annelida: Polychaeta) Along Both the French and the Spanish Catalan Coasts
A Grémare, R Sardá, L Medernach, E Jordana, S Pinedo, JM Amouroux, ...
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 47 (4), 447-457, 1998
Response of different biotic indices to gradients of organic enrichment in Mediterranean coastal waters: implications of non-monotonic responses of diversity measures
MD Subida, P Drake, E Jordana, B Mavrič, S Pinedo, N Simboura, ...
Ecological Indicators 19, 106-117, 2012
Long-term changes in sublittoral macroalgal assemblages related to water quality improvement
S Pinedo, M Zabala, E Ballesteros
Botanica Marina 56 (5-6), 461-469, 2013
Comparative study of the trophic structure of soft-bottom assemblages in the Bay of Blanes (Western Mediterranean Sea)
S Pinedo, R Sardá, D Martin
Bulletin of Marine Science 60 (2), 529-542, 1997
Seasonal dynamics and structure of soft-bottom assemblages in Blanes Bay (northwest Mediterranean Sea)
S Pinedo, R Sardá, D Martin
Publicaciones Especiales Instituto Español de Oceanografía 22, 61-70, 1996
Algas marinas bentónicas de Puerto de la Cruz (antes Puerto Orotava), Tenerife (Islas Canarias)
SP Salazar, MS Acedo, JMA Carrillo
Vieraea: Folia Scientarum Biologicarum Canariensium, 29-60, 1992
Seasonal dynamics of shallow soft-bottom communities 191 in western Mediterranean
R Sardá, D Martin, S Pinedo, A Dueso, MJC kkrint from AAAAAS
Spain (Catalonia and Balearic Islands)
S Pinedo, E Jordana
Water Framework Directive Intercalibration Technical Report. Part 3. Coastal …, 2008
Estimating secondary production in natural populations of polychaetes: some general constraints
R Sardá, S Pinedo, A Dueso
Bulletin of marine science 67 (1), 433-447, 2000
Notes on the benthic marine algae of the Canary Islands
J Afonso-Carrillo, S Pinedo, Y Elejabeitia
Cryptogamie. Algologie 13 (4), 281-290, 1992
E Ballesteros, S Pinedo
Metodología de las comunidades bentónicas (bentos), 0
Grazing by meroplanktonic polychaete larvae may help to control nanoplankton in the NW Mediterranean littoral: in situ experimental evidence
D Martin, S Pinedo, R Sardá
Marine Ecology Progress Series 143, 239-246, 1996
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