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Eric Moulines
Eric Moulines
Professeur, Ecole Polytechnique, Membre de l'Académie des Sciences
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A blind source separation technique using second-order statistics
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Subspace methods for the blind identification of multichannel FIR filters
E Moulines, P Duhamel, JF Cardoso, S Mayrargue
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Pitch-synchronous waveform processing techniques for text-to-speech synthesis using diphones
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Continuous probabilistic transform for voice conversion
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Convergence of a stochastic approximation version of the EM algorithm
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Non-asymptotic analysis of stochastic approximation algorithms for machine learning
E Moulines, F Bach
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On-line expectation–maximization algorithm for latent data models
O Cappé, E Moulines
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society Series B: Statistical Methodology …, 2009
On upper-confidence bound policies for switching bandit problems
A Garivier, E Moulines
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Least‐squares estimation of an unknown number of shifts in a time series
M Lavielle, E Moulines
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On the ergodicity properties of some adaptive MCMC algorithms
C Andrieu, É Moulines
A subspace algorithm for certain blind identification problems
K Abed-Meraim, P Loubaton, E Moulines
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Markov chains: Basic definitions
R Douc, E Moulines, P Priouret, P Soulier, R Douc, E Moulines, P Priouret, ...
Markov Chains, 3-25, 2018
Nonlinear time series: Theory, methods and applications with R examples
R Douc, E Moulines, D Stoffer
CRC press, 2014
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