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Gözde Gülseven Ubay
Gözde Gülseven Ubay
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Multi-faceted analysis of systematic risk-based wind energy investment decisions in E7 economies using modified hybrid modeling with IT2 fuzzy sets
D Qiu, H Dinçer, S Yüksel, GG Ubay
Energies 13 (6), 1423, 2020
A novel hybrid decision making approach for the strategic selection of wind energy projects
W Dong, G Zhao, S Yüksel, H Dinçer, GG Ubay
Renewable Energy 185, 321-337, 2022
Analyzing the investments strategies for renewable energies based on multi-criteria decision model
J Zhong, X Hu, S Yüksel, H Dinçer, GG Ubay
IEEE Access 8, 118818-118840, 2020
Kano-based mapping of innovation strategies for renewable energy alternatives using hybrid interval type-2 fuzzy decision-making approach
X Li, S Zhu, S Yüksel, H Dinçer, GG Ubay
Energy 211, 118679, 2020
Hybrid IT2 fuzzy modelling with alpha cuts for hydrogen energy investments
Y Zhao, Y Xu, S Yüksel, H Dinçer, GG Ubay
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 46 (13), 8835-8851, 2021
The role of hydrogen in the Black Sea for the future energy supply security of Turkey
S Yüksel, A Mikhaylov, GG Ubay, DD Uyeh
Handbook of research on strategic management for current energy investments …, 2021
Factors causing delay in the installation of nuclear power plants
S Yüksel, A Mikhaylov, GG Ubay
Strategic Approaches to Energy Management: Current Trends in Energy …, 2021
The negative effects of carbon emission on FDI: A comparative analysis between E7 and G7 countries
S Yüksel, H Dinçer, H Karakuş, GG Ubay
Handbook of research on sustainable supply chain management for the global …, 2020
Analysis of strategic directions in sustainable hydrogen investment decisions
L Zhu, L Hu, S Yüksel, H Dinçer, H Karakuş, GG Ubay
Sustainability 12 (11), 4581, 2020
Identifying the influencing factors of renewable energy consumption in Turkey with MARS methodology
S Yuksel, GG Ubay
Ekonomi İşletme ve Maliye Araştırmaları Dergisi 2 (1), 1-14, 2020
Analysis of electricity pricing in emerging economies with hybrid multi-criteria decision-making technique based on interval-valued intuitionistic hesitant fuzzy sets
C Wang, H Zhou, H Dınçer, S Yüksel, GG Ubay, GS Uluer
IEEE Access 8, 190882-190896, 2020
BSC-based evaluation for the factors affecting the performance of wind energy companies
H Dinçer, S Yüksel, GG Ubay, H Karakuş
Strategic priorities in competitive environments: multidimensional …, 2020
Determination of optimal financial government incentives in wind energy investments
S Yüksel, GG Ubay
Strategic outlook in business and finance innovation: Multidimensional …, 2021
Identifying the best financing sources for renewable energy companies in Latin American countries
H Dinçer, A Lisin, GG Ubay, Ç Çağlayan
Strategic Approaches to Energy Management: Current Trends in Energy …, 2021
The negative role of environmental pollution on international trade: Strategy recommendation to solve this problem
S Yüksel, GG Ubay, B Çelebi
Research Anthology on Macroeconomics and the Achievement of Global Stability …, 2023
Determining the influence of oil prices on economic growth and financial development: An analysis for Turkey with VAR methodology
S Yuksel, GG Ubay, D Sezer
ESAM Ekonomik ve Sosyal Araştırmalar Dergisi 1 (1), 1-23, 2020
The role of technology-based renewable energy investments on macroeconomic stability
GG Ubay, H Karakuş
Strategic Outlook for Innovative Work Behaviours: Interdisciplinary and …, 2020
Developing strategies to improve microfinance system in Turkey with fuzzy logic
H Dinçer, S Yüksel, Ç Çağlayan, GG Ubay
Microfinance to Combat Global Recession and Social Exclusion: An Empirical …, 2022
Strategy proposals for onshore and offshore wind energy investments in developing countries
GG Ubay
Management Strategies to Survive in a Competitive Environment: How to …, 2021
Determination of the most optimal economic recovery package for Turkey with DEMATEL regarding the damage caused by COVID-19 pandemics
S Yuksel, H Dinçer, H Kalkavan, H Karakuş, GG Ubay
Gaziantep University Journal of Social Sciences 19 (COVID-19 Special Issue …, 2020
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