Raymond Lister
Raymond Lister
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A multi-national study of reading and tracing skills in novice programmers
R Lister, ES Adams, S Fitzgerald, W Fone, J Hamer, M Lindholm, ...
ACM SIGCSE Bulletin 36 (4), 119-150, 2004
Not seeing the forest for the trees: novice programmers and the SOLO taxonomy
R Lister, B Simon, E Thompson, JL Whalley, C Prasad
ACM SIGCSE Bulletin 38 (3), 118-122, 2006
Relationships between reading, tracing and writing skills in introductory programming
M Lopez, J Whalley, P Robbins, R Lister
Proceedings of the fourth international workshop on computing education …, 2008
An Australasian study of reading and comprehension skills in novice programmers, using the Bloom and SOLO taxonomies
JL Whalley, R Lister, E Thompson, T Clear, P Robbins, PK Ajith Kumar, ...
Conferences in Research and Practice in Information Technology Series, 2006
Introductory programming, criterion-referencing, and bloom
R Lister, J Leaney
Proceedings of the 34th SIGCSE technical symposium on Computer science …, 2003
Concrete and other neo-Piagetian forms of reasoning in the novice programmer
R Lister
Conferences in Research and Practice in Information Technology Series, 2011
A closer look at tracing, explaining and code writing skills in the novice programmer
A Venables, G Tan, R Lister
Proceedings of the fifth international workshop on Computing education …, 2009
Going SOLO to assess novice programmers
J Sheard, A Carbone, R Lister, B Simon, E Thompson, JL Whalley
Proceedings of the 13th annual conference on Innovation and technology in …, 2008
Further evidence of a relationship between explaining, tracing and writing skills in introductory programming
R Lister, C Fidge, D Teague
Acm sigcse bulletin 41 (3), 161-165, 2009
Exploring machine learning methods to automatically identify students in need of assistance
A Ahadi, R Lister, H Haapala, A Vihavainen
Proceedings of the eleventh annual international conference on international …, 2015
Revisiting ‘how we learn’in academia: practice‐based learning exchanges in three Australian universities
P Hodge, S Wright, J Barraket, M Scott, R Melville, S Richardson
Studies in Higher Education 36 (2), 167-183, 2011
First year programming: Let all the flowers bloom
R Lister, J Leaney
Proceedings of the fifth Australasian conference on Computing education …, 2003
On blooming first year programming, and its blooming assessment
R Lister
Proceedings of the Australasian conference on Computing education, 158-162, 2000
Research perspectives on the objects-early debate
R Lister, A Berglund, T Clear, J Bergin, K Garvin-Doxas, B Hanks, ...
ACM SIGCSE Bulletin 38 (4), 146-165, 2006
Predictors of success in a first programming course
S Fincher, A Robins, B Baker, I Box, Q Cutts, M de Raadt, P Haden, ...
Proceedings of the 8th Australasian Computing Education Conference (ACE 2006 …, 2006
Improving the computational thinking pedagogical capabilities of school teachers
M Bower, LN Wood, JWM Lai, K Highfield, J Veal, C Howe, R Lister, ...
Australian Journal of Teacher Education (Online) 42 (3), 53-72, 2017
Naturally occurring data as research instrument: analyzing examination responses to study the novice programmer
R Lister, T Clear, DJ Bouvier, P Carter, A Eckerdal, J Jacková, M Lopez, ...
ACM SIGCSE Bulletin 41 (4), 156-173, 2010
Objectives and objective assessment in CS1
R Lister
ACM SIGCSE Bulletin 33 (1), 292-296, 2001
The backwash effect on SQL skills grading
JC Prior, R Lister
ACM SIGCSE Bulletin 36 (3), 32-36, 2004
Predicting student success using fine grain clicker data
L Porter, D Zingaro, R Lister
Proceedings of the tenth annual conference on International computing …, 2014
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