Da Zhang
Da Zhang
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Emissions trading in China: Progress and prospects
D Zhang, VJ Karplus, C Cassisa, X Zhang
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Carbon emissions in China: How far can new efforts bend the curve?
X Zhang, VJ Karplus, T Qi, D Zhang, J He
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Quantifying regional economic impacts of CO2 intensity targets in China
D Zhang, S Rausch, VJ Karplus, X Zhang
Energy Economics 40, 687-701, 2013
Modelling the potential for wind energy integration on China’s coal-heavy electricity grid
MR Davidson, D Zhang, W Xiong, X Zhang, VJ Karplus
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Offshore wind energy development in China: Current status and future perspective
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Air quality co-benefits of carbon pricing in China
M Li, D Zhang, CT Li, KM Mulvaney, NE Selin, VJ Karplus
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Economical assessment of large-scale photovoltaic power development in China
D Zhang, Q Chai, X Zhang, J He, L Yue, X Dong, S Wu
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Electricity generation costs of concentrated solar power technologies in China based on operational plants
Z Zhu, D Zhang, P Mischke, X Zhang
Energy 89, 65-74, 2015
An analysis of China's climate policy using the China-in-Global Energy Model
T Qi, N Winchester, VJ Karplus, D Zhang, X Zhang
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Socioeconomic burden of air pollution in China: Province-level analysis based on energy economic model
X Zhang, X Ou, X Yang, T Qi, KM Nam, D Zhang, X Zhang
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China's strategy for energy development and climate change mitigation
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Energy Policy 51, 7-13, 2012
Co-benefit of polycrystalline large-scale photovoltaic power in China
D Zhang, S Tang, B Lin, Z Liu, X Zhang, D Zhang
Energy 41 (1), 436-442, 2012
UK-China collaborative study on low carbon technology transfer
J Watson, R Byrne, A Mallett, M Stua, D Ockwell, Z Xiliang, Z Da, ...
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China city-level greenhouse gas emissions inventory in 2015 and uncertainty analysis
B Cai, C Cui, D Zhang, L Cao, P Wu, L Pang, J Zhang, C Dai
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D Zhang, M Springmann, VJ Karplus
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Energy caps: Alternative climate policy instruments for China?
VJ Karplus, S Rausch, D Zhang
Energy Economics 56, 422-431, 2016
Interprovincial migration and the stringency of energy policy in China
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Energy Economics 58, 164-173, 2016
The China-in-global energy model
T Qi, N Winchester, D Zhang, X Zhang, VJ Karplus
MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change, 2014
Determining the appropriate amount of subsidies for wind power: The integrated renewable power planning (IRPP) model and its application in China
D Zhang, W Xiong, C Tang, Z Liu, X Zhang
Sustainable Energy Technologies and Assessments 6, 141-148, 2014
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