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Nedal tahat
Nedal tahat
Professor of mathematics , The Hashemite University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Common fixed points for single-valued and multi-valued maps satisfying a generalized contraction in G-metric spaces
N Tahat, H Aydi, E Karapinar, W Shatanawi
Fixed Point Theory and Applications 2012, 1-9, 2012
A new digital signature scheme based on factoring and discrete logarithms
ES Ismail, NMF Tahat, RR Ahmad
Journal of mathematics and statistics 4 (4), 222, 2008
Theorems for Boyd‐Wong‐Type Contractions in Ordered Metric Spaces
H Aydi, W Shatanawi, M Postolache, Z Mustafa, N Tahat
Abstract and Applied Analysis 2012 (1), 359054, 2012
Some coincidence point theorems for nonlinear contraction in ordered metric spaces
W Shatanawi, Z Mustafa, N Tahat
Fixed point Theory and applications 2011, 1-15, 2011
Combining Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing for Diagnosing Diabetic Retinopathy in Retinal Fundus Images.
OM Al-hazaimeh, AA Abu-Ein, NM Tahat, MA Al-Smadi, MM Al-Nawashi
International Journal of Online & Biomedical Engineering 18 (13), 2022
Numerical approach of Riemann-Liouville fractional derivative operator
RB Albadarneh, IM Batiha, A Adwai, N Tahat, AK Alomari
Int. J. Electr. Comput. Eng 11 (6), 5367-5378, 2021
A new blind signature scheme based on factoring and discrete logarithms
NMF Tahat, ES Ismail, RR Ahmad
International Journal of Cryptology Research 1 (1), 1-9, 2009
A new partially blind signature based on factoring and discrete logarithms
NMF Tahat, SMA Shatnawi, ES Ismail
Journal of Mathematics and Statistics 4 (2), 124, 2008
A round-based data replication strategy
M Bsoul, AE Abdallah, K Almakadmeh, N Tahat
IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems 27 (1), 31-39, 2015
Multiple solutions for fractional differential equations: analytic approach
AK Alomari, F Awawdeh, N Tahat, FB Ahmad, W Shatanawi
Applied Mathematics and Computation 219 (17), 8893-8903, 2013
An efficient self-certified multi-proxy signature scheme based on elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem
N Tahat, AK Alomari, OM Al-Hazaimeh, MF Al-Jamal
Journal of Discrete Mathematical Sciences and Cryptography 23 (4), 935-948, 2020
A new RSA public key encryption scheme with chaotic maps
N Tahat, AA Tahat, M Abu-Dalu, RB Albadarneh, AE Abdallah, ...
International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) 10 (2 …, 2020
Generalization of some coupled fixed point results on partial metric spaces
W Shatanawi, HK Nashine, N Tahat
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences 2012 (1), 686801, 2012
Numerical approach for approximating the Caputo fractional-order derivative operator
RB Albadarneh, I Batiha, AK Alomari, N Tahat
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Common coupled coincidence and coupled fixed points in G-metric spaces
W Shatanawi, M Abbas, H Aydi, N Tahat
Nonlinear Anal. Appl 2012, 2012
Analytic technique for solving temporal time-fractional gas dynamics equations with Caputo fractional derivative
M Alaroud, O Ababneh, N Tahat, S Al-Omari
AIMS Math 7 (10), 17647-17669, 2022
Image encryption using anti-synchronisation and Bogdanov transformation map
OM Al-Hazaimeh, MF Al-Jamal, AK Alomari, MJ Bawaneh, N Tahat
International Journal of Computing Science and Mathematics 15 (1), 43-59, 2022
Analytical solutions of linear and non-linear incommensurate fractional-order coupled systems
RB Albadarneh, IM Batiha, N Tahat, AK Alomari
Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 21 (2 …, 2021
An efficient identity-based cryptographic model for Chebyhev chaotic map and integer factoring based cryptosystem
N Tahat, AK Alomari, A Al–Freedi, OM Al-Hazaimeh, MF Al–Jamal
Journal of Applied Security Research 14 (3), 257-269, 2019
An Attractive Approach Associated with Transform Functions for Solving Certain Fractional Swift‐Hohenberg Equation
M Alaroud, N Tahat, S Al-Omari, DL Suthar, S Gulyaz-Ozyurt
Journal of Function Spaces 2021 (1), 3230272, 2021
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