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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Plastic pollution of the world’s seas and oceans as a contemporary challenge in ocean governance
M Haward
Nature communications 9 (1), 1-3, 2018
Global commodity governance: state responses to sustainable forest and fisheries certification
F Gale, M Haward
Springer, 2011
International trade, eco-labelling, and sustainable fisheries–recent issues, concepts and practices
T Potts, M Haward
Environment, Development and Sustainability 9 (1), 91-106, 2007
The east coast Tasmanian rock lobster fishery–vulnerability to climate change impacts and adaptation response options
GT Pecl, SD Frusher, C Gardner, M Haward, AJ Hobday, S Jennings, ...
Commonwealth of Australia, 2009
Enhancing the knowledge–governance interface: Coasts, climate and collaboration
B Clarke, L Stocker, B Coffey, P Leith, N Harvey, C Baldwin, T Baxter, ...
Ocean & coastal management 86, 88-99, 2013
Science into policy? Discourse, coastal management and knowledge
MJ Nursey-Bray, J Vince, M Scott, M Haward, K O’Toole, T Smith, ...
Environmental Science & Policy 38, 107-119, 2014
The short history of research in a marine climate change hotspot: from anecdote to adaptation in south-east Australia
SD Frusher, AJ Hobday, SM Jennings, C Creighton, D D’Silva, M Haward, ...
Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 24 (2), 593-611, 2014
Communicating climate change: climate change risk perceptions and rock lobster fishers, Tasmania
M Nursey-Bray, GT Pecl, S Frusher, C Gardner, M Haward, AJ Hobday, ...
Marine Policy 36 (3), 753-759, 2012
Implementing integrated oceans management: Australia's south east regional marine plan (SERMP) and Canada's eastern Scotian shelf integrated management (ESSIM) initiative
E Foster, M Haward, S Coffen-Smout
Marine Policy 29 (5), 391-405, 2005
Oceans governance in the twenty-first century: Managing the blue planet
MG Haward, J Vince
Edward Elgar Publishing, 2008
Comparative green politics: beyond the European context?
PR Hay, MG Haward
Political Studies 36 (3), 433-448, 1988
Marine biodiversity conservation governance and management: regime requirements for global environmental change
M Lockwood, J Davidson, M Hockings, M Haward, L Kriwoken
Ocean & Coastal Management 69, 160-172, 2012
Planning adaptation to climate change in fast-warming marine regions with seafood-dependent coastal communities
AJ Hobday, K Cochrane, N Downey-Breedt, J Howard, S Aswani, ...
Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 26 (2), 249-264, 2016
Science and social license: defining environmental sustainability of Atlantic salmon aquaculture in south-eastern Tasmania, Australia
P Leith, E Ogier, M Haward
Social Epistemology 28 (3-4), 277-296, 2014
Analysis of operating environments: a diagnostic model for linking science, society and policy for sustainability
P Leith, K O’Toole, M Haward, B Coffey, C Rees, E Ogier
Environmental Science & Policy 39, 162-171, 2014
Japan's Tuna Fishing Industry: A Setting Sun Or New Dawn?
A Bergin, MG Haward
Nova Publishers, 1996
Measuring the vulnerability of marine social-ecological systems: a prerequisite for the identification of climate change adaptations
SJ Metcalf, EI van Putten, S Frusher, NA Marshall, M Tull, N Caputi, ...
Ecology and Society 20 (2), 2015
The Australian offshore constitutional settlement
M Haward
Marine Policy 13 (4), 334-348, 1989
Australia׳ s Oceans Policy: Past, present and future
J Vince, ADM Smith, KJ Sainsbury, ID Cresswell, DC Smith, M Haward
Marine Policy 57, 1-8, 2015
The political economy of Japanese distant water tuna fisheries
M Haward, A Bergin
Marine Policy 25 (2), 91-101, 2001
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