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Jan-Willem van Prooijen
Jan-Willem van Prooijen
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Political extremism predicts belief in conspiracy theories
JW Van Prooijen, APM Krouwel, TV Pollet
Social Psychological and Personality Science 6 (5), 570-578, 2015
Confirmatory analysis of exploratively obtained factor structures
JW Van Prooijen, WA Van Der Kloot
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Conspiracy theories as part of history: The role of societal crisis situations
JW Van Prooijen, KM Douglas
Memory studies 10 (3), 323-333, 2017
Belief in conspiracy theories: The influence of uncertainty and perceived morality
JW Van Prooijen, NB Jostmann
European Journal of Social Psychology 43 (1), 109-115, 2013
Why education predicts decreased belief in conspiracy theories
JW van Prooijen
Applied cognitive psychology 31 (1), 50-58, 2017
The influence of control on belief in conspiracy theories: Conceptual and applied extensions
JW van Prooijen, M Acker
Applied Cognitive Psychology 29 (5), 753-761, 2015
Belief in conspiracy theories: Basic principles of an emerging research domain
JW van Prooijen, KM Douglas
European journal of social psychology 48 (7), 897-908, 2018
Conspiracy theories: Evolved functions and psychological mechanisms
JW van Prooijen, M Van Vugt
Perspectives on psychological science 13 (6), 770-788, 2018
Connecting the dots: Illusory pattern perception predicts belief in conspiracies and the supernatural
JW Van Prooijen, KM Douglas, C De Inocencio
European journal of social psychology 48 (3), 320-335, 2018
Procedural justice and status: Status salience as antecedent of procedural fairness effects.
JW Van Prooijen, K Van den Bos, HAM Wilke
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 83 (6), 1353, 2002
Group belongingness and procedural justice: social inclusion and exclusion by peers affects the psychology of voice.
JW Van Prooijen, K Van den Bos, HAM Wilke
Journal of personality and social psychology 87 (1), 66, 2004
Be aware to care: Public self-awareness leads to a reversal of the bystander effect
M van Bommel, JW van Prooijen, H Elffers, PAM Van Lange
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 48 (4), 926-930, 2012
Epistemic rationality: Skepticism toward unfounded beliefs requires sufficient cognitive ability and motivation to be rational
T Ståhl, JW Van Prooijen
Personality and Individual Differences 122, 155-163, 2018
Procedural justice as autonomy regulation.
JW Van Prooijen
Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 96 (6), 1166, 2009
Fear among the extremes: How political ideology predicts negative emotions and outgroup derogation
JW van Prooijen, APM Krouwel, M Boiten, L Eendebak
Personality and social psychology bulletin 41 (4), 485-497, 2015
When consequence size predicts belief in conspiracy theories: The moderating role of perspective taking
JW Van Prooijen, E Van Dijk
Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 55, 63-73, 2014
The psychology of conspiracy theories
JW Prooijen
Routledge, 2018
Psychological features of extreme political ideologies
JW Van Prooijen, APM Krouwel
Current Directions in Psychological Science 28 (2), 159-163, 2019
Retributive reactions to suspected offenders: The importance of social categorizations and guilt probability
JW Van Prooijen
Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin 32 (6), 715-726, 2006
“Who doesn’t?”—The impact of descriptive norms on corruption
NC Köbis, JW Van Prooijen, F Righetti, PAM Van Lange
PloS one 10 (6), e0131830, 2015
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