Stefano Brizzolara
Stefano Brizzolara
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Accuracy of CFD codes in the prediction of planing surfaces hydrodynamic characteristics
S Brizzolara, F Serra
2nd International Conference on Marine Research and Transportation, 147-159, 2007
A systematic comparison between RANS and panel methods for propeller analysis
S Brizzolara, D Villa, S Gaggero
Proc. Of 8th International Conference on Hydrodynamics, Nantes, France, 2008
CPP propeller cavitation and noise optimization at different pitches with panel code and validation by cavitation tunnel measurements
D Bertetta, S Brizzolara, S Gaggero, M Viviani, L Savio
Ocean engineering 53, 177-195, 2012
RANS and PANEL method for unsteady flow propeller analysis
S Gaggero, D Villa, S Brizzolara
Journal of hydrodynamics, ser. B 22 (5), 564-569, 2010
Added mass and damping of oscillating bodies: a fully viscous numerical approach
L Bonfiglio, S Brizzolara, C Chryssostomidis
Recent Advances in Fluid Mechanics, Heat & Mass Transfer and Biology, 210-215, 2011
Parametric optimization of SWAT-hull forms by a viscous-inviscid free surface method driven by a differential evolution algorithm
S Brizzolara
Proceedings 25th Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics, St. John’s, Newfoundland …, 2004
EFD and CFD characterization of a CLT propeller
D Bertetta, S Brizzolara, E Canepa, S Gaggero, M Viviani
International Journal of Rotating Machinery 2012, 2012
Concept design and hydrodynamic optimization of an innovative SWATH USV by CFD methods
S Brizzolara, T Curtin, M Bovio, G Vernengo
Ocean Dynamics 62 (2), 227-237, 2012
Hydrodynamic analysis of interceptors with CFD methods
S Brizzolara
FAST2003, 49-56, 2003
Comparison of experimental and numerical sloshing loads in partially filled tanks
S Brizzolara, L Savio, M Viviani, Y Chen, P Temarel, N Couty, S Hoflack, ...
Ships and offshore structures 6 (1-2), 15-43, 2011
Comparison of experimental and numerical loads on an impacting bow section
S Brizzolara, N Couty, O Hermundstad, A Ioan, T Kukkanen, M Viviani, ...
Ships and offshore structures 3 (4), 305-324, 2008
Wave Resistance and Wave Patterns for High-Speed Crafts; Validation of Numerical Results by Model Test
S Brizzolara, D Bruzzone, P Cassella, A Scamardella, I Zotti
Proc. 22nd Symposium on Naval Hydrodynamics, 69-83, 1998
Ensuring numerical stability of wave propagation by tuning model parameters using genetic algorithms and response surface methods
RAR Roselli, G Vernengo, C Altomare, S Brizzolara, L Bonfiglio, ...
Environmental Modelling & Software 103, 62-73, 2018
Hydrodynamic design of a family of hybrid SWATH unmanned surface vehicles
S Brizzolara, M Bovio, A Federici, G Vernengo
Sea Grant College Program, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2011
Automatic optimization computational method for unconventional SWATH ships resistance
S Brizzolara, G Vernengo
International journal of mathematical models and methods in applied sciences …, 2011
CFD simulation of planing hulls
S Brizzolara, D Villa
7th International Conference on High-Performance Marine Vehicles 9, 13-15, 2010
Multi-fidelity optimization of super-cavitating hydrofoils
L Bonfiglio, P Perdikaris, S Brizzolara, GE Karniadakis
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 332, 63-85, 2018
Physics-based design by optimization of unconventional supercavitating hydrofoils
G Vernengo, L Bonfiglio, S Gaggero, S Brizzolara
Journal of Ship Research 60 (04), 187-202, 2016
Design and analysis of counter-rotating propellers-comparison of numerical and experimental results
D Grassi, S Brizzolara, M Viviani, L Savio, S Caviglia
Journal of Hydrodynamics 22 (1), 553-559, 2010
Automatic parametric hull form optimization of fast naval vessels
I Biliotti, S Brizzolara, M Viviani, G Vernengo, D Ruscelli, M Galliussi, ...
11th international conference on fast sea transportation (FAST), Honolulu …, 2011
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