Hein Daanen
Hein Daanen
VU University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Evaluation of wireless determination of skin temperature using iButtons
WD van Marken Lichtenbelt, HAM Daanen, L Wouters, R Fronczek, ...
Physiology & behavior 88 (4-5), 489-497, 2006
The CAESAR project: a 3-D surface anthropometry survey
KM Robinette, H Daanen, E Paquet
Second International Conference on 3-D Digital Imaging and Modeling (Cat. No …, 1999
Finger cold-induced vasodilation: a review
HAM Daanen
European journal of applied physiology 89 (5), 411-426, 2003
A systematic review on heart-rate recovery to monitor changes in training status in athletes
HAM Daanen, RP Lamberts, VL Kallen, A Jin, NLU Van Meeteren
International journal of sports physiology and performance 7 (3), 251-260, 2012
Circadian and age-related modulation of thermoreception and temperature regulation: mechanisms and functional implications
EJW Van Someren, RJEM Raymann, EJA Scherder, HAM Daanen, ...
Ageing research reviews 1 (4), 721-778, 2002
Physiological criteria for functioning of hands in the cold: A review
R Heus, HAM Daanen, G Havenith
Applied Ergonomics 26 (1), 5-13, 1995
Civilian American and European surface anthropometry resource (CAESAR) final report
KM Robinette, S Blackwell, H Daanen, M Boehmer, S Fleming, T Brill, ...
Volume I: Summary (United States Air Force Research Laboratory, Wright …, 2002
Self-reported and measured weight, height and body mass index (BMI) in Italy, the Netherlands and North America
AJ Krul, HAM Daanen, H Choi
The European Journal of Public Health 21 (4), 414-419, 2011
Whole body scanners
HAM Daanen, GJ van de Water
Displays 19 (3), 111-120, 1998
Driving performance in cold, warm, and thermoneutral environments
HAM Daanen, E Van De Vliert, X Huang
Applied ergonomics 34 (6), 597-602, 2003
3D whole body scanners revisited
HAM Daanen, FB Ter Haar
Displays 34 (4), 270-275, 2013
The lever arm in glenohumeral abduction after hemiarthroplasty
AB Rietveld, HA Daanen, PM Rozing, WR Obermann
The Journal of bone and joint surgery. British volume 70 (4), 561-565, 1988
Heat acclimation decay and re-induction: a systematic review and meta-analysis
HAM Daanen, S Racinais, JD Périard
Sports Medicine 48 (2), 409-430, 2018
Effects of anxiety, a cognitive secondary task, and expertise on gaze behavior and performance in a far aiming task
N Nibbeling, RRD Oudejans, HAM Daanen
Psychology of Sport and Exercise 13 (4), 427-435, 2012
Civilian american and european surface anthropometry resource (caesar), final report. volume 1. summary
KM Robinette, S Blackwell, H Daanen, M Boehmer, S Fleming
Sytronics Inc Dayton Oh, 2002
The hand in the cold, performance and risk
G Havenith, R Heus, HAM Daanen
Arctic medical research 54, 37-47, 1995
Precision of the CAESAR scan-extracted measurements
KM Robinette, HAM Daanen
Applied Ergonomics 37 (3), 259-265, 2006
The effect of body temperature on the hunting response of the middle finger skin temperature
HAM Daanen, FJG Van de Linde, TT Romet, MB Ducharme
European journal of applied physiology and occupational physiology 76 (6 …, 1997
Encapsulated environment
TM McLellan, HAM Daanen, SS Cheung
Comprehensive Physiology 3 (3), 1363-1391, 2013
Quantification of the decay and re-induction of heat acclimation in dry-heat following 12 and 26 days without exposure to heat stress
AS Weller, DM Linnane, AG Jonkman, HAM Daanen
European journal of applied physiology 102 (1), 57-66, 2007
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