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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The hemo-neural hypothesis: on the role of blood flow in information processing
CI Moore, R Cao
Journal of neurophysiology 99 (5), 2035-2047, 2008
A teleosemantic approach to information in the brain
R Cao
Biology & Philosophy 27 (1), 49-71, 2012
Content in simple signalling systems
N Shea, P Godfrey-Smith, R Cao
The British journal for the philosophy of science 69 (4), 1009-1035, 2018
Signaling in the brain: In search of functional units
R Cao
Philosophy of Science 81 (5), 891-901, 2014
Physiology and morphology of inverted pyramidal neurons in the rodent neocortex
RM Steger, RL Ramos, R Cao, Q Yang, CC Chen, J Dominici, ...
Neuroscience 248, 165-179, 2013
The hemo-neural hypothesis: effects of vasodilation on astrocytes in mammalian neocortex
R Cao
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2011
Pinacidil induces vascular dilation and hyperemia in vivo and does not impact biophysical properties of neurons and astrocytes in vitro
R Cao, BT Higashikubo, J Cardin, U Knoblich, R Ramos, MT Nelson, ...
Cleveland Clinic journal of medicine 76 (0 2), S80, 2009
Computational explanations and neural coding
R Cao
Routledge handbook of the computational mind, 2018
New labels for old ideas: Predictive processing and the interpretation of neural signals
R Cao
Review of Philosophy and Psychology 11 (3), 517-546, 2020
Explanatory models in neuroscience: Part 1--taking mechanistic abstraction seriously
R Cao, D Yamins
arXiv preprint arXiv:2104.01490, 2021
Explanatory models in neuroscience: Part 2--constraint-based intelligibility
R Cao, D Yamins
arXiv preprint arXiv:2104.01489, 2021
Crowding out Memetic Explanation
R Cao
Philosophy of Science 87 (5), 1160-1171, 2020
Modest and immodest neural codes: Can there be modest codes?
R Cao, C Rathkopf
Behavioral and Brain Sciences 42, 2019
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