Sonja Wogrin
Sonja Wogrin
Associate Professor, Comillas Pontifical University üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Optimizing storage siting, sizing, and technology portfolios in transmission-constrained networks
S Wogrin, DF Gayme
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 30 (6), 3304-3313, 2014
Generation capacity expansion in liberalized electricity markets: A stochastic MPEC approach
S Wogrin, E Centeno, J Barquín
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 26 (4), 2526-2532, 2011
A new approach to model load levels in electric power systems with high renewable penetration
S Wogrin, P Dueñas, A Delgadillo, J Reneses
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 29 (5), 2210-2218, 2014
Open versus closed loop capacity equilibria in electricity markets under perfect and oligopolistic competition
S Wogrin, BF Hobbs, D Ralph, E Centeno, J Barquin
Mathematical Programming 140 (2), 295-322, 2013
Retail pricing: A bilevel program for PEV aggregator decisions using indirect load control
I Momber, S Wogrin, TG San Román
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 31 (1), 464-473, 2015
Capacity expansion equilibria in liberalized electricity markets: an EPEC approach
S Wogrin, J Barquín, E Centeno
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 28 (2), 1531-1539, 2012
Enhanced representative days and system states modeling for energy storage investment analysis
DA Tejada-Arango, M Domeshek, S Wogrin, E Centeno
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 33 (6), 6534-6544, 2018
Economic inefficiencies of cost-based electricity market designs
FD Munoz, S Wogrin, SS Oren, BF Hobbs
The Energy Journal 39 (3), 2018
Optimizing storage operations in medium-and long-term power system models
S Wogrin, D Galbally, J Reneses
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 31 (4), 3129-3138, 2015
Generation capacity expansion analysis: Open loop approximation of closed loop equilibria
S Wogrin, E Centeno, J Barquin
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 28 (3), 3362-3371, 2013
Renewable generation expansion under different support schemes: A stochastic equilibrium approach
S Pineda, TK Boomsma, S Wogrin
European Journal of Operational Research 266 (3), 1086-1099, 2018
Investment in electric energy storage under uncertainty: a real options approach
I Bakke, SE Fleten, LI Hagfors, V Hagspiel, B Norheim, S Wogrin
Computational Management Science 13 (3), 483-500, 2016
Policy implications of downscaling the time dimension in power system planning models to represent variability in renewable output
L Reichenberg, AS Siddiqui, S Wogrin
Energy 159, 870-877, 2018
CCGT unit commitment model with first-principle formulation of cycling costs due to fatigue damage
S Wogrin, D Galbally, A Ramos
Energy 113, 227-247, 2016
Generation flexibility in ramp rates: Strategic behavior and lessons for electricity market design
E Moiseeva, S Wogrin, MR Hesamzadeh
European Journal of Operational Research 261 (2), 755-771, 2017
Proactive transmission expansion planning with storage considerations
IC Gonzalez-Romero, S Wogrin, T Gomez
Energy Strategy Reviews 24, 154-165, 2019
Analysis of investments in generation capacity: a bilevel approach
E Centeno, S Wogrin, A López-Peña, M Vázquez
IET generation, transmission & distribution 5 (8), 842-849, 2011
Representation of storage operations in network-constrained optimization models for medium-and long-term operation
DA Tejada-Arango, S Wogrin, E Centeno
IEEE Transactions on Power Systems 33 (1), 386-396, 2017
Impact of technical operational details on generation expansion in oligopolistic power markets
A Nogales, S Wogrin, E Centeno
IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution 10 (9), 2118-2126, 2016
Review on generation and transmission expansion co-planning models under a market environment
IC Gonzalez-Romero, S Wogrin, T Gómez
IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution 14 (6), 931-944, 2020
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