Olivia Farr
Olivia Farr
Harvard Medical School/Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The role of leptin in regulating bone metabolism
J Upadhyay, OM Farr, CS Mantzoros
Metabolism 64 (1), 105-113, 2015
Obesity as a disease
J Upadhyay, O Farr, N Perakakis, W Ghaly, C Mantzoros
Medical Clinics 102 (1), 13-33, 2018
Leptin applications in 2015: what have we learned about leptin and obesity?
OM Farr, A Gavrieli, CS Mantzoros
Current opinion in endocrinology, diabetes, and obesity 22 (5), 353, 2015
GLP-1 receptors exist in the parietal cortex, hypothalamus and medulla of human brains and the GLP-1 analogue liraglutide alters brain activity related to highly desirable food …
OM Farr, M Sofopoulos, MA Tsoukas, F Dincer, B Thakkar, A Sahin-Efe, ...
Diabetologia 59 (5), 954-965, 2016
Central nervous system regulation of eating: Insights from human brain imaging
OM Farr, RL Chiang-shan, CS Mantzoros
Metabolism 65 (5), 699-713, 2016
Leptin and the brain: influences on brain development, cognitive functioning and psychiatric disorders
OM Farr, MA Tsoukas, CS Mantzoros
Metabolism 64 (1), 114-130, 2015
Metabolic health and weight: Understanding metabolically unhealthy normal weight or metabolically healthy obese patients
H Mathew, OM Farr, CS Mantzoros
Metabolism-Clinical and Experimental 65 (1), 73-80, 2016
Saliency processing and obesity: a preliminary imaging study of the stop signal task
OM Hendrick, X Luo, S Zhang, CSR Li
Obesity 20 (9), 1796-1802, 2012
Error processing and gender-shared and-specific neural predictors of relapse in cocaine dependence
X Luo, S Zhang, S Hu, SR Bednarski, E Erdman, OM Farr, KI Hong, ...
Brain 136 (4), 1231-1244, 2013
Pharmacotherapy of obesity: available medications and drugs under investigation
E Pilitsi, OM Farr, SA Polyzos, N Perakakis, E Nolen-Doerr, ...
Metabolism 92, 170-192, 2019
Leptin: a hormone linking activation of neuroendocrine axes with neuropathology
MR Stieg, C Sievers, O Farr, GK Stalla, CS Mantzoros
Psychoneuroendocrinology 51, 47-57, 2015
Posttraumatic stress disorder, alone or additively with early life adversity, is associated with obesity and cardiometabolic risk
OM Farr, BJ Ko, KE Joung, L Zaichenko, N Usher, M Tsoukas, B Thakkar, ...
Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases 25 (5), 479-488, 2015
Ventromedial prefrontal cortex and the regulation of physiological arousal
S Zhang, S Hu, HH Chao, JS Ide, X Luo, OM Farr, CR Li
Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience 9 (7), 900-908, 2014
Decreased saliency processing as a neural measure of Barratt impulsivity in healthy adults
OM Farr, S Hu, S Zhang, RL Chiang-shan
Neuroimage 63 (3), 1070-1077, 2012
Dissociable processes of cognitive control during error and non-error conflicts: a study of the stop signal task
OM Hendrick, JS Ide, X Luo, RL Chiang-shan
PloS one 5 (10), e13155, 2010
Short-term administration of the GLP-1 analog liraglutide decreases circulating leptin and increases GIP levels and these changes are associated with alterations in CNS …
OM Farr, MA Tsoukas, G Triantafyllou, F Dincer, A Filippaios, BJ Ko, ...
Metabolism 65 (7), 945-953, 2016
Stress-and PTSD-associated obesity and metabolic dysfunction: a growing problem requiring further research and novel treatments
OM Farr, DM Sloan, TM Keane, CS Mantzoros
Metabolism-Clinical and Experimental 63 (12), 1463-1468, 2014
Cerebral correlates of skin conductance responses in a cognitive task
S Zhang, S Hu, HH Chao, X Luo, OM Farr, RL Chiang-shan
Neuroimage 62 (3), 1489-1498, 2012
Lorcaserin administration decreases activation of brain centers in response to food cues and these emotion-and salience-related changes correlate with weight loss effects: a 4 …
OM Farr, J Upadhyay, A Gavrieli, M Camp, N Spyrou, H Kaye, H Mathew, ...
Diabetes 65 (10), 2943-2953, 2016
Leptin in congenital and HIV-associated lipodystrophy
MA Tsoukas, OM Farr, CS Mantzoros
Metabolism 64 (1), 47-59, 2015
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