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Mohammad A. Taher
Mohammad A. Taher
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Effect of carbon nanotube (CNT) content on the mechanical properties of CNT-reinforced aluminium composites
AMK Esawi, K Morsi, A Sayed, M Taher, S Lanka
Composites Science and Technology 70 (16), 2237-2241, 2010
The role of magnetite/graphene oxide nano-composite as a high-efficiency adsorbent for removal of phenazopyridine residues from water samples, an experimental/theoretical …
H Karimi-Maleh, M Shafieizadeh, MA Taher, F Opoku, EM Kiarii, ...
Journal of Molecular Liquids 298, 112040, 2020
The influence of carbon nanotube (CNT) morphology and diameter on the processing and properties of CNT-reinforced aluminium composites
AMK Esawi, K Morsi, A Sayed, M Taher, S Lanka
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 42 (3), 234-243, 2011
Voltammetric amplified platform based on ionic liquid/NiO nanocomposite for determination of benserazide and levodopa
M Miraki, H Karimi-Maleh, MA Taher, S Cheraghi, F Karimi, S Agarwal, ...
Journal of Molecular Liquids 278, 672-676, 2019
Highly sensitive square wave voltammetric sensor employing CdO/SWCNTs and room temperature ionic liquid for analysis of vanillin and folic acid in food samples
S Cheraghi, MA Taher, H Karimi-Maleh
Journal of Food Composition and Analysis 62, 254-259, 2017
A nanostructure voltammetric platform amplified with ionic liquid for determination of tert-butylhydroxyanisole in the presence kojic acid
Z Shamsadin-Azad, MA Taher, S Cheraghi, H Karimi-Maleh
Journal of Food Measurement and Characterization 13 (3), 1781-1787, 2019
Spark plasma extrusion (SPE) of ball-milled aluminum and carbon nanotube reinforced aluminum composite powders
K Morsi, AMK Esawi, S Lanka, A Sayed, M Taher
Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing 41 (2), 322-326, 2010
A novel electrochemical sensor based on silver/halloysite nanotube/molybdenum disulfide nanocomposite for efficient nitrite sensing
M Ghanei-Motlagh, MA Taher
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 109, 279-285, 2018
The adsorption of basic dye (Alizarin red S) from aqueous solution onto activated carbon/γ-Fe2O3 nano-composite: kinetic and equilibrium studies
M Fayazi, M Ghanei-Motlagh, MA Taher
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 40, 35-43, 2015
Application of a new ferrocene-derivative modified-graphene paste electrode for simultaneous determination of isoproterenol, acetaminophen and theophylline
S Tajik, MA Taher, H Beitollahi
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 197, 228-236, 2014
Voltammetric determination of Cu (II) in natural waters and human hair at a meso-2, 3-dimercaptosuccinic acid self-assembled gold electrode
A Mohadesi, MA Taher
Talanta 72 (1), 95-100, 2007
Electrochemical determination of the anticancer drug taxol at a ds-DNA modified pencil-graphite electrode and its application as a label-free electrochemical biosensor
S Tajik, MA Taher, H Beitollahi, M Torkzadeh-Mahani
Talanta 134, 60-64, 2015
Ligandless dispersive liquid–liquid microextraction for the separation of trace amounts of silver ions in water samples and flame atomic absorption spectrometry determination
SZ Mohammadi, D Afzali, MA Taher, YM Baghelani
Talanta 80 (2), 875-879, 2009
Electrocatalytic determination of captopril using a modified carbon nanotube paste electrode: application to determination of captopril in pharmaceutical and biological samples
H Beitollahi, MA Taher, M Ahmadipour, R Hosseinzadeh
Measurement 47, 770-776, 2014
Synthesis and application of novel ion-imprinted polymer coated magnetic multi-walled carbon nanotubes for selective solid phase extraction of lead (II) ions
M Fayazi, MA Taher, D Afzali, A Mostafavi, M Ghanei-Motlagh
Materials Science and Engineering: C 60, 365-373, 2016
First report for electrochemical determination of levodopa and cabergoline: Application for determination of levodopa and cabergoline in human serum, urine and pharmaceutical …
S Tajik, MA Taher, H Beitollahi
Electroanalysis 26 (4), 796-806, 2014
A novel voltammetric sensor for sensitive detection of mercury (II) ions using glassy carbon electrode modified with graphene-based ion imprinted polymer
M Ghanei-Motlagh, MA Taher, A Heydari, R Ghanei-Motlagh, VK Gupta
Materials Science and Engineering: C 63, 367-375, 2016
Removal of Safranin dye from aqueous solution using magnetic mesoporous clay: Optimization study
M Fayazi, D Afzali, MA Taher, A Mostafavi, VK Gupta
Journal of Molecular Liquids 212, 675-685, 2015
Preparation of magnetic multi-walled carbon nanotubes for an efficient adsorption and spectrophotometric determination of amoxicillin
H Fazelirad, M Ranjbar, MA Taher, G Sargazi
Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry 21, 889-892, 2015
Enhanced Fenton-like degradation of methylene blue by magnetically activated carbon/hydrogen peroxide with hydroxylamine as Fenton enhancer
M Fayazi, MA Taher, D Afzali, A Mostafavi
Journal of Molecular Liquids 216, 781-787, 2016
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