Ir Ts. Dr. Abu Hassan Abdullah
Ir Ts. Dr. Abu Hassan Abdullah
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Malaysia Transitions toward a Knowledge-Based Economy.
R Mustapha, A Abdullah
Journal of Technology Studies 30 (3), 51-61, 2004
Intelligent electronic nose system for basal stem rot disease detection
MA Markom, AYM Shakaff, AH Adom, MN Ahmad, W Hidayat, ...
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 66 (2), 140-146, 2009
Hospital waiting time: the forgotten premise of healthcare service delivery?
RJDM Ghazali, NH Abd Manaf, AHA Abdullah, AA Bakar, F Salikin, ...
International journal of health care quality assurance, 2011
A biomimetic sensor for the classification of honeys of different floral origin and the detection of adulteration
A Zakaria, AYM Shakaff, MJ Masnan, MN Ahmad, AH Adom, MN Jaafar, ...
Sensors 11 (8), 7799-7822, 2011
Improved maturity and ripeness classifications of magnifera indica cv. harumanis mangoes through sensor fusion of an electronic nose and acoustic sensor
A Zakaria, AYM Shakaff, MJ Masnan, FSA Saad, AH Adom, MN Ahmad, ...
Sensors 12 (5), 6023-6048, 2012
The use of classroom training and simulation in the training of medical responders for airport disaster
AM Idrose, WAW Adnan, GF Villa, AHA Abdullah
Emergency medicine journal 24 (1), 7-11, 2007
Frequency of abnormal thyroid function tests in Kuwaiti Arabs with autoimmune diseases
AM Al-Awadhi, S Olusi, EA Hasan, A Abdullah
Medical Principles and Practice 17 (1), 61-65, 2008
Improved classification of Orthosiphon stamineus by data fusion of electronic nose and tongue sensors
A Zakaria, AYM Shakaff, AH Adom, MN Ahmad, MJ Masnan, AHA Aziz, ...
Sensors 10 (10), 8782-8796, 2010
Method to convert Kinect's 3D depth data to a 2D map for indoor SLAM
K Kamarudin, SM Mamduh, AYM Shakaff, SM Saad, A Zakaria, ...
2013 IEEE 9th international colloquium on signal processing and its …, 2013
Comparison of the effectiveness of major trauma services provided by tertiary and secondary hospitals in Malaysia
D Sethi, S Aljunid, SB Saperi, AB Zwi, H Hamid, ANB Mustafa, ...
Journal of Trauma and Acute Care Surgery 53 (3), 508-516, 2002
Rice leaf blast disease detection using multi-level colour image thresholding
MNA Bakar, AH Abdullah, NA Rahim, H Yazid, SN Misman, MJ Masnan
Journal of Telecommunication, Electronic and Computer Engineering (JTEC) 10 …, 2018
The adoption of halal food supply chain towards the performance of food manufacturing in Malaysia
F Azmi, A Abdullah, M Bakri, H Musa, M Jayakrishnan
Management Science Letters 8 (7), 755-766, 2018
Hand-held electronic nose sensor selection system for basal stamp rot (BSR) disease detection
AH Abdullah, AH Adom, AYM Shakaff, MN Ahmad, A Zakaria, FSA Saad, ...
2012 Third International Conference on Intelligent Systems Modelling and …, 2012
Machining of aluminium based metal matrix composite (MMC)
A Abdullah
University of Warwick, 1996
Globalization and Its Impact on Technical-Vocational Education and Training in Malaysia.
R Mustapha, A Abdullah
Electronic nose system for Ganoderma detection
AH Abdullah, AH Adom, MN Ahmad, MA Saad, ES Tan, NA Fikri, ...
Sensor Letters 9 (1), 353-358, 2011
Odour and hazardous gas monitoring system for swiftlet farming using wireless sensor network (WSN)
SM Mamduh, AYM Shakaff, SM Saad, K Kamarudin, LM Kamarudin, ...
Chemical Engineering Transactions 30, 331-336, 2012
Chicken farm malodour monitoring using portable electronic nose system
AH Abdullah, AYM Shakaff, AH Adom, A Zakaria, FSA Saad, ...
Chemical Engineering Transactions 30, 55-60, 2012
Determination of intrinsic fluorescence lifetime parameters of crude oils using a laser fluorosensor with a streak camera detection system
MF Quinn, AS Al-Otaibi, A Abdullah, PS Sethi, F Al-Bahrani, ...
Instrumentation science & technology 23 (3), 201-215, 1995
An electronic nose system for aromatic rice classification
AH Abdullah, AH Adom, AY Shakaff, MN Ahmad, A Zakaria, NA Fikri, ...
Sensor Letters 9 (2), 850-855, 2011
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