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Wanty Widjaja
Wanty Widjaja
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The Use of Contextual Problems to Support Mathematical Learning.
W Widjaja
Indonesian Mathematical Society Journal on Mathematics Education 4 (2), 157-168, 2013
Teachers’ professional growth through engagement with lesson study
W Widjaja, C Vale, S Groves, B Doig
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Critical factors in the adaptation and implementation of Japanese lesson study in the Australian context
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The role of contexts and teacher's questioning to enhance students' thinking
W Widjaja, M Dolk, A Fauzan
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Primary teachers notice the impact of language on children’s mathematical reasoning
LA Bragg, S Herbert, EYK Loong, C Vale, W Widjaja
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Building awareness of mathematical modelling in teacher education: A case study in Indonesia
W Widjaja
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Assessment of primary 5 students' mathematical modelling competencies
C Chan, K Ng, W Widjaja, C Seto
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Towards mathematical literacy in the 21st century: perspectives from Indonesia
W Widjaja
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Mapping variation in children’s mathematical reasoning: the case of ‘what else belongs?’
C Vale, W Widjaja, S Herbert, LA Bragg, EYK Loong
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Anticipating students’ reasoning and planning prompts in structured problem-solving lessons
C Vale, W Widjaja, B Doig, S Groves
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Misconceptions about density of decimals: Insights from Indonesian pre-service teachers’ work
W Widjaja, K Stacey, V Steinle
Deakin University, 2008
Linking pre-service teachers’ questioning and students’ strategies in solving contextual problems: A case study in Indonesia and the Netherlands
R Johar, SM Patahuddin, W Widjaja
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International Journal of Nursing Education Scholarship 5 (1 …, 2008
Designing and delivering an online lesson study unit in mathematics to pre-service primary teachers: opportunities and challenges
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Examining teachers’ role in relation to their beliefs and expectations about students’ thinking in design research
M Dolk, W Widjaja, E Zonneveld, A Fauzan
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Local instruction theory on decimals: The case of Indonesian pre-service teachers
W Widjaja
University of Melbourne, Science and Mathematics Education Cluster, 2008
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