Shobhan Gaddameedhi
Shobhan Gaddameedhi
Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences and Center for Human Health and the üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Control of skin cancer by the circadian rhythm
S Gaddameedhi, CP Selby, WK Kaufmann, RC Smart, A Sancar
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (46), 18790-18795, 2011
Shift work: disrupted circadian rhythms and sleep—implications for health and well-being
SM James, KA Honn, S Gaddameedhi, HPA Van Dongen
Current sleep medicine reports 3 (2), 104-112, 2017
Loss of cryptochrome reduces cancer risk in p53 mutant mice
N Ozturk, JH Lee, S Gaddameedhi, A Sancar
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (8), 2841-2846, 2009
Dual modes of CLOCK: BMAL1 inhibition mediated by Cryptochrome and Period proteins in the mammalian circadian clock
R Ye, CP Selby, YY Chiou, I Ozkan-Dagliyan, S Gaddameedhi, A Sancar
Genes & development 28 (18), 1989-1998, 2014
Circadian clock, cancer, and chemotherapy
A Sancar, LA Lindsey-Boltz, S Gaddameedhi, CP Selby, R Ye, YY Chiou, ...
Biochemistry 54 (2), 110-123, 2015
Separation of circadian-and behavior-driven metabolite rhythms in humans provides a window on peripheral oscillators and metabolism
DJ Skene, E Skornyakov, NR Chowdhury, RP Gajula, B Middleton, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (30), 7825-7830, 2018
Nucleotide excision repair in human cells: fate of the excised oligonucleotide carrying DNA damage in vivo
J Hu, JH Choi, S Gaddameedhi, MG Kemp, JT Reardon, A Sancar
Journal of Biological Chemistry 288 (29), 20918-20926, 2013
Similar nucleotide excision repair capacity in melanocytes and melanoma cells
S Gaddameedhi, MG Kemp, JT Reardon, JM Shields, SL Smith-Roe, ...
Cancer research 70 (12), 4922-4930, 2010
The circadian clock regulates cisplatin-induced toxicity and tumor regression in melanoma mouse and human models
PP Dakup, KI Porter, AA Little, RP Gajula, H Zhang, E Skornyakov, ...
Oncotarget 9 (18), 14524, 2018
Effect of circadian clock mutations on DNA damage response in mammalian cells
S Gaddameedhi, JT Reardon, R Ye, N Ozturk, A Sancar
Cell cycle 11 (18), 3481-3491, 2012
The circadian clock controls sunburn apoptosis and erythema in mouse skin
S Gaddameedhi, CP Selby, MG Kemp, R Ye, A Sancar
Journal of Investigative Dermatology 135 (4), 1119-1127, 2015
Highly specific and sensitive method for measuring nucleotide excision repair kinetics of ultraviolet photoproducts in human cells
JH Choi, S Gaddameedhi, SY Kim, J Hu, MG Kemp, A Sancar
Nucleic acids research 42 (4), e29-e29, 2014
DNA Damage–Specific Control of Cell Death by Cryptochrome in p53-Mutant Ras–Transformed Cells
JH Lee, S Gaddameedhi, N Ozturk, R Ye, A Sancar
Cancer research 73 (2), 785-791, 2013
Impact of the circadian clock on UV‐induced DNA damage response and photocarcinogenesis
P Dakup, S Gaddameedhi
Photochemistry and photobiology 93 (1), 296-303, 2017
DNA repair synthesis and ligation affect the processing of excised oligonucleotides generated by human nucleotide excision repair
MG Kemp, S Gaddameedhi, JH Choi, J Hu, A Sancar
Journal of Biological Chemistry 289 (38), 26574-26583, 2014
In-gel precipitation of enzymatically released phosphate
AD Simonović, S Gaddameedhi, MD Anderson
Analytical biochemistry 334 (2), 312-317, 2004
Association between the unfolded protein response, induced by 2-deoxyglucose, and hypersensitivity to cisplatin: a mechanistic study employing molecular genomics
S Gaddameedhi, S Chatterjee
Journal of cancer research and therapeutics 5 (9), 61, 2009
Cardiac autonomic activity during simulated shift work
E Skornyakov, S Gaddameedhi, GM Paech, AR Sparrow, BC Satterfield, ...
Industrial health, 2018
Focus: Clocks and Cycles: It’s About Time: Advances in Understanding the Circadian Regulation of DNA Damage and Repair in Carcinogenesis and Cancer Treatment Outcomes
PVA Kumar, PP Dakup, S Sarkar, JB Modasia, MS Motzner, ...
The Yale journal of biology and medicine 92 (2), 305, 2019
Solar ultraviolet‐induced DNA damage response: Melanocytes story in transformation to environmental melanomagenesis
S Sarkar, S Gaddameedhi
Environmental and molecular mutagenesis 61 (7), 736-751, 2020
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