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Nicolaus von Wirén
Nicolaus von Wirén
Professor Plant Nutrition ad Plant Physiology
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The Arabidopsis Major Intrinsic Protein NIP5;1 Is Essential for Efficient Boron Uptake and Plant Development under Boron Limitation
J Takano, M Wada, U Ludewig, G Schaaf, N Von Wirén, T Fujiwara
The Plant Cell 18 (6), 1498-1509, 2006
Plasticity of the Arabidopsis root system under nutrient deficiencies
BD Gruber, RFH Giehl, S Friedel, N von Wirén
Plant physiology 163 (1), 161-179, 2013
Nicotianamine Chelates Both FeIII and FeII. Implications for Metal Transport in Plants
N Von Wiren, S Klair, S Bansal, JF Briat, H Khodr, T Shioiri, RA Leigh, ...
Plant Physiology 119 (3), 1107-1114, 1999
Three functional transporters for constitutive, diurnally regulated, and starvation-induced uptake of ammonium into Arabidopsis roots
S Gazzarrini, L Lejay, A Gojon, O Ninnemann, WB Frommer, N von Wirén
The Plant Cell 11 (5), 937-947, 1999
Root exudation of sugars, amino acids, and organic acids by maize as affected by nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and iron deficiency
LC Carvalhais, PG Dennis, D Fedoseyenko, MR Hajirezaei, R Borriss, ...
Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science 174 (1), 3-11, 2011
ZmYS1 functions as a proton-coupled symporter for phytosiderophore-and nicotianamine-chelated metals
G Schaaf, U Ludewig, BE Erenoglu, S Mori, T Kitahara, N Von Wirén
Journal of Biological Chemistry 279 (10), 9091-9096, 2004
Endocytosis and degradation of BOR1, a boron transporter of Arabidopsis thaliana, regulated by boron availability
J Takano, K Miwa, L Yuan, N von Wirén, T Fujiwara
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102 (34), 12276-12281, 2005
The molecular physiology of ammonium uptake and retrieval
N von Wirén, S Gazzarrini, A Gojon, WB Frommer
Current opinion in plant biology 3 (3), 254-261, 2000
Tonoplast Intrinsic Proteins AtTIP2;1 and AtTIP2;3 Facilitate NH3 Transport into the Vacuole
D Loqué, U Ludewig, L Yuan, N von Wirén
Plant physiology 137 (2), 671-680, 2005
Regulatory levels for the transport of ammonium in plant roots
D Loqué, N von Wirén
Journal of experimental botany 55 (401), 1293-1305, 2004
The Organization of High-Affinity Ammonium Uptake in Arabidopsis Roots Depends on the Spatial Arrangement and Biochemical Properties of AMT1-Type …
L Yuan, D Loque, S Kojima, S Rauch, K Ishiyama, E Inoue, H Takahashi, ...
The Plant Cell 19 (8), 2636-2652, 2007
Distinct Expression and Function of Three Ammonium Transporter Genes (OsAMT1;1 – 1;3) in Rice
Y Sonoda, A Ikeda, S Saiki, N Wirén, T Yamaya, J Yamaguchi
Plant and Cell Physiology 44 (7), 726-734, 2003
Root nutrient foraging
RFH Giehl, N von Wirén
Plant physiology 166 (2), 509-517, 2014
Ammonium Triggers Lateral Root Branching in Arabidopsis in an AMMONIUM TRANSPORTER1;3-Dependent Manner
JE Lima, S Kojima, H Takahashi, N von Wirén
The Plant Cell 22 (11), 3621-3633, 2010
Roots of iron-efficient maize also absorb phytosiderophore-chelated zinc
N von Wirén, H Marschner, V Romheld
Plant physiology 111 (4), 1119-1125, 1996
Root-derived cytokinins as long-distance signals for NO3-induced stimulation of leaf growth
YS Rahayu, P Walch-Liu, G Neumann, V Römheld, N von Wirén, ...
Journal of experimental botany 56 (414), 1143-1152, 2005
PIC1, an Ancient Permease in Arabidopsis Chloroplasts, Mediates Iron Transport
D Duy, G Wanner, AR Meda, N von Wirén, J Soll, K Philippar
The Plant Cell 19 (3), 986-1006, 2007
Regulation of root ion transporters by photosynthesis: functional importance and relation with hexokinase
L Lejay, X Gansel, M Cerezo, P Tillard, C Müller, A Krapp, N von Wirén, ...
The Plant Cell 15 (9), 2218-2232, 2003
Urea transport by nitrogen-regulated tonoplast intrinsic proteins in Arabidopsis
LH Liu, U Ludewig, B Gassert, WB Frommer, N von Wirén
Plant physiology 133 (3), 1220-1228, 2003
Uniport of NH 4+ by the root hair plasma membrane ammonium transporter LeAMT1; 1
U Ludewig, N von Wirén, WB Frommer
Journal of Biological Chemistry 277 (16), 13548-13555, 2002
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