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Bahar Moezzi
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Consistency of EEG source localization and connectivity estimates
K Mahjoory, VV Nikulin, L Botrel, K Linkenkaer-Hansen, MM Fato, ...
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Variability in neural excitability and plasticity induction in the human cortex: a brain stimulation study
B Hordacre, MR Goldsworthy, AM Vallence, S Darvishi, B Moezzi, ...
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Resting state functional connectivity measures correlate with the response to anodal transcranial direct current stimulation
B Hordacre, B Moezzi, MR Goldsworthy, NC Rogasch, LJ Graetz, ...
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Neuroplasticity and network connectivity of the motor cortex following stroke: a transcranial direct current stimulation study
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Ion channel noise can explain firing correlation in auditory nerves
B Moezzi, N Iannella, MD McDonnell
Journal of computational neuroscience 41 (2), 193-206, 2016
Modeling the influence of short term depression in vesicle release and stochastic calcium channel gating on auditory nerve spontaneous firing statistics
B Moezzi, N Iannella, MD McDonnell
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Simulation of electromyographic recordings following transcranial magnetic stimulation
B Moezzi, N Schaworonkow, L Plogmacher, MR Goldsworthy, B Hordacre, ...
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25th annual computational neuroscience meeting: CNS-2016
TO Sharpee, A Destexhe, M Kawato, V Sekulić, FK Skinner, DK Wójcik, ...
BMC Neuroscience 17 (1), 54, 2016
Characterization of young and old adult brains: An EEG functional connectivity analysis
B Moezzi, LM Pratti, B Hordacre, L Graetz, C Berryman, LM Lavrencic, ...
Neuroscience 422, 230-239, 2019
Test-retest reliability of functional brain network characteristics using resting-state EEG and graph theory
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26th annual computational neuroscience meeting (CNS* 2017): Part 3
AJH Newton, AH Seidenstein, RA McDougal, A Pérez-Cervera, G Huguet, ...
BMC neuroscience 18 (1), 1-82, 2017
Cortical activity at different time scales: high-pass filtering separates motor planning and execution
D Eriksson, M Heiland, A Schneider, I Diester
bioRxiv, 857300, 2020
Using Style-Transfer to Understand Material Classification for Robotic Sorting of Recycled Beverage Containers
MD McDonnell, B Moezzi, RSA Brinkworth
2019 Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications (DICTA), 1-8, 2019
Modeling motor-evoked potentials from neural field simulations of transcranial magnetic stimulation
MT Wilson, B Moezzi, NC Rogasch
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Associations between EEG functional brain connectivity and a cognitive reserve proxy in healthy older adults
B Moezzi, LM Lavrencic, MR Goldsworthy, S Coussens, HAD Keage
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Towards Targeted Brain Stimulation in Stroke: Connectivity as a Biomarker of Response
B Hordacre, B Moezzi, MC Ridding
Journal of experimental neuroscience 12, 1179069518809060, 2018
Modeling motor-evoked potentials from neural field simulations of transcranial magnetic stimulation. Supplementary Material
MT Wilson, B Moezzi, NC Rogasch
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