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Adam M. Forte
Adam M. Forte
Assistant Professor - Louisiana State University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Timescales of landscape response to divide migration and drainage capture: Implications for the role of divide mobility in landscape evolution
KX Whipple, AM Forte, RA DiBiase, NM Gasparini, WB Ouimet
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 122 (1), 248-273, 2017
Criteria and tools for determining drainage divide stability
AM Forte, KX Whipple
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 493, 102-117, 2018
The topographic analysis kit (TAK) for TopoToolbox
AM Forte, KX Whipple
Earth Surface Dynamics 7 (1), 87-95, 2019
Complexities of landscape evolution during incision through layered stratigraphy with contrasts in rock strength
AM Forte, BJ Yanites, KX Whipple
Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 41 (12), 1736-1757, 2016
Preservation or piracy: Diagnosing low-relief, high-elevation surface formation mechanisms
KX Whipple, RA DiBiase, WB Ouimet, AM Forte
Geology 45 (1), 91-94, 2017
Late Cenozoic deformation of the Kura fold-thrust belt, southern Greater Caucasus
AM Forte, E Cowgill, T Bernardin, O Kreylos, B Hamann
Bulletin 122 (3-4), 465-486, 2010
Relict basin closure and crustal shortening budgets during continental collision: An example from Caucasus sediment provenance
E Cowgill, AM Forte, N Niemi, B Avdeev, A Tye, C Trexler, Z Javakhishvili, ...
Tectonics 35 (12), 2918-2947, 2016
Testing the utility of the porphyroclast hyperbolic distribution method of kinematic vorticity analysis
AM Forte, CM Bailey
Journal of Structural Geology 29 (6), 983-1001, 2007
Climate controls on erosion in tectonically active landscapes
BA Adams, KX Whipple, AM Forte, AM Heimsath, KV Hodges
Science Advances 6 (42), eaaz3166, 2020
Transition from a singly vergent to doubly vergent wedge in a young orogen: The Greater Caucasus
AM Forte, E Cowgill, KX Whipple
Tectonics 33 (11), 2077-2101, 2014
A magnetostratigraphic time frame for Plio-Pleistocene transgressions in the South Caspian Basin, Azerbaijan
CGC Van Baak, I Vasiliev, M Stoica, KF Kuiper, AM Forte, E Aliyeva, ...
Global and planetary change 103, 119-134, 2013
Subducted, detached, and torn slabs beneath the Greater Caucasus
T Mumladze, AM Forte, ES Cowgill, CC Trexler, NA Niemi, MB Yıkılmaz, ...
GeoResJ 5, 36-46, 2015
Late Cenozoic base-level variations of the Caspian Sea: a review of its history and proposed driving mechanisms
AM Forte, E Cowgill
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 386, 392-407, 2013
Structural geometries and magnitude of shortening in the eastern Kura fold‐thrust belt, Azerbaijan: Implications for the development of the Greater Caucasus Mountains
AM Forte, E Cowgill, I Murtuzayev, T Kangarli, M Stoica
Tectonics 32 (3), 688-717, 2013
Drainage network reveals patterns and history of active deformation in the eastern Greater Caucasus
AM Forte, KX Whipple, E Cowgill
Geosphere 11 (5), 1343-1364, 2015
Decoupling of modern shortening rates, climate, and topography in the Caucasus
AM Forte, KX Whipple, B Bookhagen, MW Rossi
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 449, 282-294, 2016
Pure shear dominated high-strain zones in basement terranes
CM Bailey, LE Polvi, AM Forte
Late Miocene to Pliocene stratigraphy of the Kura Basin, a subbasin of the South Caspian Basin: implications for the diachroneity of stage boundaries
AM Forte, DY Sumner, E Cowgill, M Stoica, I Murtuzayev, T Kangarli, ...
Basin Research 27 (3), 247-271, 2015
Short communication: The Topographic Analysis Kit (TAK) for TopoToolbox, Earth Surf. Dynam., 7, 87–95
AM Forte, KX Whipple
Climate controls on erosion in tectonically active landscapes, Sci. Adv., 6, eaaz3166
BA Adams, KX Whipple, AM Forte, AM Heimsath, KV Hodges
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