Sean Duncan
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Scientific habits of mind in virtual worlds
C Steinkuehler, S Duncan
Journal of Science Education and Technology 17 (6), 530-543, 2008
Minecraft, beyond construction and survival
SC Duncan
Carnegie Mellon University, 2011
Learning in Video Game Affinity Spaces. New Literacies and Digital Epistemologies. Volume 51.
ER Hayes, SC Duncan
Peter Lang New York, 2012
Need probability affects retention: A direct demonstration
RB Anderson, RD Tweney, M Rivardo, S Duncan
Memory & cognition 25 (6), 867-872, 1997
Gamers as designers: A framework for investigating design in gaming affinity spaces
SC Duncan
E-Learning and Digital Media 7 (1), 21-34, 2010
Expanding the affinity space: An introduction
SC Duncan, ER Hayes
Learning in video game affinity spaces, 1-22, 2012
Learning to mod in an affinity-based modding community
S Durga
Learning in video game affinity spaces, 84-102, 2012
Kongregating online: Developing design literacies in a play-based affinity space
SC Duncan
Learning in video game affinity spaces, 51-83, 2012
Computational thinking in the wild: Uncovering complex collaborative thinking through gameplay
M Berland, S Duncan
Educational Technology, 29-35, 2016
From lurking to participatory spectatorship: Understanding affordances of the Dota 2 noob stream
C Georgen, SC Duncan, L Cook
International Society of the Learning Sciences, Inc.[ISLS]., 2015
Well-played and well-debated: Understanding perspective in contested affinity spaces
S Duncan
Carnegie Mellon University, 2013
Forming the guild: Star power and rethinking projective identity in affinity spaces
E Ellcessor, SC Duncan
International Journal of Game-Based Learning (IJGBL) 1 (2), 82-95, 2011
The hero of timelines
SC Duncan, JP Gee
Triangulating learning in board games: Computational thinking at multiple scales of analysis
SC Duncan, M Berland
Proceedings of games+ learning+ society 8, 2012
World of Warcraft and “the World of Science”: Ludic play in an online affinity space
SC Duncan
Social Exclusion, Power and Video Game Play: New Research in Digital Media …, 2011
Supporting computational thinking by modding strategic board games
M Berland, SC Duncan
The future of learning: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference of …, 2012
The problem-behavior map as cognitive-historical analysis: The example of Michael Faraday
SC Duncan, RD Tweney
Proceedings of the nineteenth annual conference of the Cognitive Science …, 1997
Mandatory Upgrades: The Evolving Mechanics and Theme of Android: Netrunner
SC Duncan
Well Played Summit, 2014
A dual-level approach for investigating design in online affinity spaces
S Duncan
International Society of the Learning Sciences (ISLS), 2010
“Games with learning”: adpositions and the lusory attitude
SC Duncan
On the Horizon, 2016
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