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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Dual modes of CLOCK: BMAL1 inhibition mediated by Cryptochrome and Period proteins in the mammalian circadian clock
R Ye, CP Selby, YY Chiou, I Ozkan-Dagliyan, S Gaddameedhi, A Sancar
Genes & development 28 (18), 1989-1998, 2014
Circadian clock, cancer, and chemotherapy
A Sancar, LA Lindsey-Boltz, S Gaddameedhi, CP Selby, R Ye, YY Chiou, ...
Biochemistry 54 (2), 110-123, 2015
Mammalian period represses and de-represses transcription by displacing CLOCK–BMAL1 from promoters in a cryptochrome-dependent manner
YY Chiou, Y Yang, N Rashid, R Ye, CP Selby, A Sancar
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (41), E6072-E6079, 2016
Cisplatin-DNA adduct repair of transcribed genes is controlled by two circadian programs in mouse tissues
Y Yang, O Adebali, G Wu, CP Selby, YY Chiou, N Rashid, J Hu, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 115 (21), E4777-E4785, 2018
Human genome-wide repair map of DNA damage caused by the cigarette smoke carcinogen benzo [a] pyrene
W Li, J Hu, O Adebali, S Adar, Y Yang, YY Chiou, A Sancar
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (26), 6752-6757, 2017
Genome-wide transcription-coupled repair in Escherichia coli is mediated by the Mfd translocase
O Adebali, YY Chiou, J Hu, A Sancar, CP Selby
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (11), E2116-E2125, 2017
Gene model 129 (Gm129) encodes a novel transcriptional repressor that modulates circadian gene expression
Y Annayev, S Adar, YY Chiou, JD Lieb, A Sancar, R Ye
Journal of Biological Chemistry 289 (8), 5013-5024, 2014
Arginine methylation of hnRNPK negatively modulates apoptosis upon DNA damage through local regulation of phosphorylation
JH Yang, YY Chiou, SL Fu, IY Shih, TH Weng, WJ Lin, CH Lin
Nucleic acids research 42 (15), 9908-9924, 2014
Direct mass-spectrometric identification of Arg296 and Arg299 as the methylation sites of hnRNP K protein for methyltransferase PRMT1
YY Chiou, WJ Lin, SL Fu, CH Lin
The protein journal 26 (2), 87-93, 2007
Formation of Arabidopsis Cryptochrome 2 photobodies in mammalian nuclei: application as an optogenetic DNA damage checkpoint switch
I Ozkan-Dagliyan, YY Chiou, R Ye, BH Hassan, N Ozturk, A Sancar
Journal of Biological Chemistry 288 (32), 23244-23251, 2013
RNA polymerase II is released from the DNA template during transcription-coupled repair in mammalian cells
YY Chiou, J Hu, A Sancar, CP Selby
Journal of Biological Chemistry 293 (7), 2476-2486, 2018
Comparative proteomic analysis of rat aorta in a subtotal nephrectomy model
YP Lin, ME Hsu, YY Chiou, HY Hsu, HC Tsai, YJ Peng, CY Lu, CY Pan, ...
Proteomics 10 (13), 2429-2443, 2010
Comparative properties and functions of type 2 and type 4 pigeon cryptochromes
X Wang, C Jing, CP Selby, YY Chiou, Y Yang, W Wu, A Sancar, J Wang
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 75 (24), 4629-4641, 2018
Proteomics analysis of in vitro protein methylation during Src‐induced transformation
YY Chiou, SL Fu, WJ Lin, CH Lin
Electrophoresis 33 (3), 451-461, 2012
Establishment of an ectopically expressed and functional PRMT1 for proteomic analysis of arginine‐methylated proteins
YI Chang, SW Lin, YY Chiou, JS Sung, LC Cheng, YL Lu, KH Sun, ...
Electrophoresis 31 (23‐24), 3834-3842, 2010
Calcium‐dependent methylation by PRMT1 promotes erythroid differentiation through the p38α MAPK pathway
MY Liu, WK Hua, YY Chiou, CJ Chen, CL Yao, YT Lai, CH Lin, WJ Lin
FEBS letters 594 (2), 301-316, 2020
A Sextuple Knockout Cell Line System to Study the Differential Roles of CRY, PER, and NR1D in the Transcription-Translation Feedback Loop of the Circadian Clock
YY Chiou, TY Li, Y Yang, A Sancar
Frontiers in Neuroscience 14, 1317, 2020
Identification of protein arginine methyltransferase 1 (PRMT1) substrates by a proteomic approach: F1–137
W Lin, S Lin, Y Chang, Y Chiou, C Lin
The Febs Journal 274, 2007
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