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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Channel equalization system and method
F Trans, T Le-Ngoc
US Patent 6,904,110, 2005
Coded-modulation techniques for fading channels
SH Jamali, T Le-Ngoc
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Joint subchannel assignment and power allocation for OFDMA femtocell networks
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Performance of full-duplex AF relaying in the presence of residual self-interference
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Adaptive multistage parallel interference cancellation for CDMA
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Distributed interference management in two-tier CDMA femtocell networks
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Hybrid MMSE precoding and combining designs for mmWave multiuser systems
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Power allocation in wireless multi-user relay networks
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Ultra-wideband wireless communications and networks
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Recursive least squares constant modulus algorithm for blind adaptive array
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Physical layer security in wireless cooperative relay networks: State of the art and beyond
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Energy-efficient resource allocation for D2D communications in cellular networks
TD Hoang, LB Le, T Le-Ngoc
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Data communication satellite system and method of carrying multi-media traffic
CJ Black, P Takats, M Cote, TT Le-Ngoc
US Patent 6,377,561, 2002
Dual-layer EBG-based miniaturized multi-element antenna for MIMO systems
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Enabling 5G mobile wireless technologies
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Challenges and research opportunities in wireless communication networks for smart grid
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MIMO full-duplex precoding: A joint beamforming and self-interference cancellation structure
S Huberman, T Le-Ngoc
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Optimal power allocation and capacity of full-duplex AF relaying under residual self-interference
LJ Rodriguez, NH Tran, T Le-Ngoc
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Efficient cooperative cyclostationary spectrum sensing in cognitive radios at low SNR regimes
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All digital phase-locked loop: concepts, design and applications
YR Shayan, T Le-Ngoc
IEE Proceedings F (Radar and Signal Processing) 136 (1), 53-56, 1989
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